Friday, November 4, 2011

Post Halloween Baked Apple "Methadone"

For those of you having trouble saying goodbye to the Halloween candy, we’ve passed the 48-hour point and it’s time for your stash to go. We realize this may be traumatizing and so, as a healthy consolation prize, we’re offering up one of our fall favorites.  Here are the results of Abbie’s baked apple test kitchen.

Many clients say fruit doesn't "do it" for them when it comes to dessert. With that in mind, the Foodtrainers crew decided that what we need is a fruit-based dessert that is easy, delicious, and healthy. Luckily, I had a bushel of apples from my local CSA, so I set out to formulate a baked apple recipe that could satisfy any sweet tooth. The other directive was to make something speedy, which meant recipe testing with the microwave. Who wants to wait an hour for a baked apple when it can be ready in less than five minutes?
At first I expected the microwave to dampen the flavor or make the apple mushy, but I found that it actually kept the apples tender without falling apart. The trick is to cook the apple in the microwave with some liquid, a touch of sweetener, and some dried fruit and spices, then top it with toasted nuts and a dollop of yogurt after cooking for some added depth of flavor. So next time you are looking for something healthy to satisfy your sweet cravings, look no further than your bowl of apples (which, of course, you always have on hand), and your microwave! I prefer the Honey crisp apples for this recipe. They hold their shape and are just sweet enough,
The following recipe is an adaptation of the Baked Apples recipe from Eating Well and a few other recipes. 
Microwave "Baked" Apples
1 serving*
1 apple
1/4 cup apple cider or water
2 teaspoons dried fruit, chopped, such as cranberries, raisins, or dried apricots
1 teaspoon honey or maple syrup
Pinch of cinnamon
dollop of plain yogurt
2 teaspoons toasted nuts, chopped, such as pecans, walnuts, or almonds

  1. Core the apple, leaving about 1/4 inch at the bottom. 
  2. Place the apple in a microwave-safe bowl. Pour apple cider or water around it, there should be about 1/2 inch of liquid filling the bowl.
  3. Spoon the dried fruit into the apple, pour honey or maple syrup inside the apple, and sprinkle the inside with cinnamon.
  4. Microwave, uncovered, on high power until the apple is tender, approximately 3-5 minutes. Test with a fork at 3 minutes and cook in additional 1-minute increments if necessary as all microwaves differ. 
  5. Allow the apple to cool for 5 minutes before serving.
  6. Serve topped with a dollop of yogurt and toasted nuts.
*Add 1 minute of cooking time for each additional apple.

Note: If you prefer to use the oven for this recipe, preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Place the apple in a small baking dish instead of a microwave safe dish and cover with foil. Bake for 45 minutes.
The result is a delicious, comfort food dessert much better for you than a Butterfinger.
Is your Halloween candy still around? Do you like fruit desserts? Have you made baked apples? How does your recipe differ? Here are some pictures from our Halloween celebration.
Cheers! Dark and Stormys with Strawesome straws
All dressed up.
With friends, yup that's me 1/2 Amy Winehouse and 1/2 Ghostbuster
My ghostbuster and stay puff man, XO
Our giveaway candy, went fast greedy trick or treaters this year
My whole wheat "fingers" came out a little chubby, who ya gonna call...Foodtrainers!


  1. GREAT COSTUMES!! You all look awesome. I love the Ghostbusters :) I secretly still watch it when it's on tv.

    I agree, fruit doesn't cut it for me either when it comes to dessert. However, his recipe sounds like a winner! I made baked cinnamon apples with a pecan crumble yesterday at work and people loved it, so apples really do work well as a "spiced up" healthier dessert.

  2. Pecan crumble, ooh. I love ghostbusters too Gina.

  3. HAHA! Love the costumes. Brilliant ghost-buster and stay-puff! And if Amy Winehouse came back from the dead I am certain she'd wear a ghostbusters outfit.

    I love baked apples. I don't understand people who say "fruit doesn't do it for me". My problem is exactly the opposite, I could eat fruit for days!

  4. Put some Amy on the playlist, so sad. I love apple desserts but I would never pick a berry something over chocolate, selective :)

  5. My mom made baked apples but, never in the microwave, always in the oven. I'm definitely going to make this and stuff it with cinnamon and cloves and maybe a sprinkle of AllSpice for that extra kick. Hey, we could probably add in some yummy liquer for the late night revelers. Also, when does that party invite get opened up to other people? Looks too yummy to pass up.

  6. Shari, you've become a creative cook. I'm not a clove girl but a clients said she puts them on oatmeal water. Preschool tradition for halloween I think 4-5 years now. Brooksies always welcome.

  7. Love the costumes!

    Thanks for the apple recipe—I make something with chopped apple and oats in the microwave but have been wanting to try something new.

  8. the title of this post really cracks me up ;-)

  9. Yes! A microwaved apple dessert! I am so w/ you on not wanting to wait an hour for things to bake.

    My boys sold me their candy at 50 cents for the small pieces and 1 dollar for the big pieces. They bought baseball cards w/ their money =)

  10. I love your cute costumes! Very creative. Much better than me in my usual jeans and flats. I need to get into the spirit one of these years...

    Love baked apples! And are you proud of me? I didn't have one piece of candy. Not even one piece!

  11. Lisa, still love that candy selling. Little do my boys know there's a market out there. Justine- you know, we try. Anything to tease readers. Jess, let me know how your experiments work out.

  12. I looove baked apples!!

    You have convinced me to throw away the candy at the end of the work day (1 more mini crunch bar for me!)

    ps- I was Cleopatra and had the SAME EXACT costume as your friend. So fun!

  13. Ameena- jeans and flats, what a fun mom you are. Maybe the lack of festive dress kept you out of the festive candy. I am proud. Einat, toss it and #TIDEI tweet it don't eat it. Lisa and her daughter were both cleopatras so I guess there are many of you out there.

  14. Love the recipe Lauren! I think it would be especially delicious with Trader Joes spicy apple cider.Super fun Halloween pics too, although I'm glad you explained your costume, since I want quite sure...My husband and I dressed up as cow folk, which was really my excuse to buy a new cozy flannel shirt :-)

  15. EA- I'm all for spicing up any recipe including dessert. You may be the spicy RD but I'm spice- obsessed. Now I'm a little disappointed and hurt you wouldn't have known what my costume was without an explanation. Just an excuse to wear a wig.

  16. How on earth did you decide to be Amy Winehouse as a ghostbuster? That's hilarious. I'm still giggling over here. Luckily, the little goblins got all of my candy on Halloween night, and I don't have any little goblins of my own to bring a big bag home. I do have too much chocolate in my house, though, because someone felt the need to order 2 boxes. Gah. Thanks for the apple recipe!

  17. Stephanie, some people make interesting crafts and others concoct weird costumes. I found the wig, the "girls" ghostbusting outfit was too slutty to wear on it's own (even for Amy) and so I made it a cardigan, wore it over jeans and plopped on the wig. Maybe try the apples with some of that chocolate melted, oh that was a mean suggestion.

  18. Adorable pics! and ditto on the amy winehouse/ghostbuster combo, you're hilarious. I'm a fan of baked apples but have never used the microwave. I'm into it! No candy for me this year but I dig the 48 hr rule. How do your boys feel about that?? :)

  19. Ghostbusters are still totally awesome. I think Mr. A sings the theme song on a weekly basis.
    I love the baked apples. What a great idea!
    I am definitely suffering from a Halloween hangover of wayyyyy too much candy.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  20. My boys don't care, sweets aren't so foreign to them so after tasting it for a couple of days, they will not care at all. And bonnie, let the halloween hangover end after reading this post, time for methadone.

  21. I'm one of those weirdos who prefers fruit dessert over chocolate - if apple crisp is on the menu then watch out!
    Love the costume - you and my husband would get along great, he loves to add a little creativity to ordinary costumes :) He took the leftover Halloween candy to work so it's out of my life!

  22. Hey, I typed a comment. Obviously, I didn't hit enter. My sugar must be low. ;)

  23. Ha, love the costumes! I like the ghostbuster and puff man :)

  24. I loved puff man too but I think he tired of being "puffy" after a little while. Ghostbuster a more comfortable way to go.

  25. Great costumes and pictures! :)

  26. This apple looks delicious! The best part is that I have everything to make it. :)
    I love your costumes! You all look adorable!

  27. Just now catching up on your posts. Love the costumes!