Friday, March 19, 2010

A Day in the Life of Lauren

I am not very good at receiving compliments. Without fail, if somebody says “I like your shirt” I say “oh this? It’s old.” I once had a friend who gave me a good lesson, she said “how about just saying thank you?” Of course she was right and for about a week I implemented her suggestion. The truth is that I love compliments, when they are genuine, don’t we all? Last week I received this at the end of an email complimenting my blog (which for me trumps any physical compliment):

Anyway, I have a suggestion (because I don't think you have done it already). I have ALWAYS thought that you look great, have a great figure and flawless skin. Is there a reason why you don't get specific about what you eat?
What's a day in the life of Lauren? I could really use a jump start this March!

My reply to this was, true to form “does anyone really want to hear what I eat?” However, because this email was so sweet, I pledged to write about my food. Here it goes.

The alarm goes off at 5:45am. I love the hour I usually have before anyone else gets up. I don’t eat or drink anything until 7ish, well actually 7 on the dot. I’ll make a pot of coffee with either Caffe Mocias  (#1 coffee in NYC in my book) or Le Pain Quotidien beans. This coffee gets a splash of Horizon half and half and a squirt of agave. I don’t eat a lot of dairy after taking it and wheat out of my diet last year. I had been waking up with my eyelids puffy and scaly (so much for the “flawless skin” mentioned above) and after lots of experimentation found that wheat and dairy were the 2 probable culprits. Argh, this is why I didn’t want to write about me. I am not anti wheat or dairy but don’t eat a lot of it.

Most days I take breakfast to the office. It tends to be liquid a lot of days. I love my Breville juicer and will make a green juice (kale, cucumber, celery, lemon, ginger, and apple) or a smoothie. My smoothies tend to be a little weird. On some days I use hemp protein as a base, other days avocado and I may add acai or frozen berries, I love basil or mint and lemon zest for flavor, it’s really a matter of what’s on hand. Hard boiled eggs are another breakfast favorite of mine and 1-2 days a week I’ll have 2 Country Hen hard boiled eggs. Calorie for calorie nothing keeps you more satisfied than eggs. In the wintertime I’ll eat brown rice or quinoa as a warm breakfast option.

My day can easily get away from me when I see morning clients until 1pm. I have learned the hard way that I need to stop and eat a real lunch. I have no issue whatsoever with leftovers. Today I had leftover tilapia and veggies. Another day this week it was leftover scallops and asparagus. Spring vegetables have me so pumped that I’ve cooked a lot this week. Otherwise I always have prewashed greens, avocados, Zoe tuna, Eden canned beans (the only BPA free canned goods) to throw together a quick salad.

From here I’ll do one of two things. My favorite days, for multiple reasons, are the days I am home when the boys have dinner at 530 or 6pm. When I an “early bird” dinner, I feel the best. A few days a week I see clients until after 7 so this plan doesn’t work. On those days I’ll have walnuts or pumpkin seeds around 3:30. We have a ton of delicious snacks for our clients so I also may grab a small bag of Food Should Taste Good chips, a Zing Bar or a Kookie Karma.

I try to cook as many days as I can. We eat a lot of fish, generally with a seasonal veggie. We also love soba noodles, sweet potatoes and squashes and can make a “one pot” meal with some combination of these. One night during the week we’ll order sushi, Thai or Indian and Saturday nights we are generally out to eat. After dinner I may have a couple squares of dark chocolate or medjool dates.

OK, I told you now tell me (briefly) what your day is like.


  1. loved it, lauren. i know it's hard to write about oneself. i don't suppose there would be a "bad day in the life of lauren" that you'd post...i mean, one where you say, "today i couldn't turn down the pizza and then later the chocolate chip cookie was calling my name..." i don't really want to be obsessive about what i eat, but i sort of find that i am or am beginning to be...i guess i don't normally drink too much because of how it makes me feel. maybe i need to look at food that way as well. so happy you mentioned the dates!

  2. Love this! I didn't know about Eden canned beans. I totally agree with you about eggs! On days that I have hard boiled eggs for breakfast I feel more energy and can go longer without stopping for a snack. This was a great post, Lauren, thanks!

  3. This was great. Anyway you would share a week in the life of Lauren--exercise edition. Would love to know what you do for exercise

  4. This is excellent, thank you! I imagined that you were making delicious, elaborate, multi-course AND exceedingly healthy meals every day, every meal. I wasn't sure I could live up to that example. And while it sounds like you are making delicious and healthy meals every day, seeing "one pot" made me feel ok about my cooking, too. Great inspiration!