Monday, August 17, 2015

Foodtrainers: September Squeeze Details & Video

Ready for some squeezing?

Summer is fun and now summer is almost done. If you're returning with any summer “souvenirs”, over rose’-ed or just need a nudge, let’s take action. We're talking one week to post- summer sanity. Snag a spot for our September Squeeze TODAY!

We have 2 sessions of Squeezing: 
Week 1 September 8-14th
Week 2 September 16-22nd
*Note Rosh starts 9/13.

Email us ASAP at both and for details, spots are quickly filling up! 

Monday, August 10, 2015

This secret weapon is my favorite

I discovered this magic green concoction during the winter. I had purchased a few things from Anima Mundi but hadn't cracked the waxy seal on this one. Then it was December in Vermont and I needed a healthy boost and figured I'd try it. It was just what I needed and a POTENT debloater. I'm really excited to have this "magic elixir" as it's called in the Foodtrainers store.

A client also said "so you're not blogging over the summer?" It wasn't intentional but just so you know I wasn't entirely unproductive (even though I sort of was and need a break) here is a fun Summer Secret Weapon video Carolyn and I shot. We have a new format, please let us know what you think. We're always honest so feel free to be...but I think you'll like it. This one is a little long but we didn't want to sell you short on any of our Quick Fixes.
As the summer winds to an end (not just yet but you know) how are you feeling? Do you think it's more difficult to eat well in the summer or winter? Which secret weapon are you most excited about?
What do you think of the video?