Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How To Have a NYC Staycation

Since Lauren is off enjoying the sunshine state, it's Carolyn, back again! 

So, the holidays are in full swing, and I’ve seen a motivation shift with clients recently. We had a wave of new clients who were ready to get started between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year (usually our slower season), and we have so many clients and friends who want healthier vacations and staycations. And what better place to have a healthy day than in NYC? 
Here is my ideal staycation day (ok really it’s my ideal Saturday too).

8am: Foodstalking emails, we are always watching you… and of course hanging with my pup+ ball of energy, Ziggy.
9am: Almond milk cappuccino from Bluestone Lane
930am: Morning SoulCycle with Mantas Zvinas

Image result for brassica bowl 2 hands

1130am: Late breakfast at Two Hands, Brassicas Bowl (charred broccolini, brussels sprouts, kale, soft boiled egg, avocado, pickled shallots and seeds) and maybe a bite of avocado toast (shared for the table… Australians do it right)

1pm: 30 mins at HigherDOSE or acupuncture with Chris Peacock

2pm: Midday Mosey on the High Line and brainstorming my new blog project, on living a Life Less Filtered, launching in Jan! 

3pm: Afternoon snack at the new west village Brodo – I love the Tom Yum or the Gilligan. Optional Foodtrainers official Nutcase filled with Organic Living Superfood pecans.

330pm: Walk around the corner into CAP beauty and try not to buy all the beautiful organic products (but maybe just a few… winter skin needs some new Jiva Apoha oils)

5pm: take a chill yoga class at Sky Ting’s beautiful new TriBeCa studio

8pm: Dinner at Loring Place: First a drink at the pretty bar: I love the peaks and valleys cocktail (their spin on a margarita), Lauren is a fan of The Stable (matcha and gin).

As for dinner, you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but some of my faves have been the broccoli, tuna tartare, roasted black bass (the herb vinaigrette is out of this world), ok and if you’re not gluten free you absolutely must try the Brussels Sprout Pizza.

10pm: Night cap and music at Rockwood Music Hall or the 55 bar.

OK that’s where you’ll find me if you need me! Probably instagramming it too, let’s be honest… 

So what did I miss, what are your favorite spots to staycation?

And, have a healthy and happy holiday.

Monday, December 12, 2016

How to cut down on carbs

At an event last week, Sam Kass (former chef for the White House/Obamas) was a speaker. He explained that there’s a missing piece with most health advice. I’m paraphrasing but he said that we can’t simply say “ginger is healthy” but need to include the HOW. I went back to the office with this truth nugget and we brainstormed a bit. We’re going to add a  “how to” series to the blog. I’d love to declare it’ll be a weekly feature but we’re not so great at that kind of structure. Today, Carolyn kicks things off with a great way to cut your carbs.

Like any normal human, I love carbs. Like any good nutritionist, I love fiber too but not enough to ever eat another GG crispbread*. If you can’t consider cardboard, enter your new, best cracker buddy ORGRAN.

Orgran fiber crispbreads are our fave crackers on the market because they are gluten free, low cal, and have some fiber. They are the perfect vehicle for pretty much any topping. We usually give two a day to clients as a “non-carb”.

The ingredients are simple: brown rice flour, wholegrain sorghum, psyllium, rice bran and salt so they definitely need a topping. Here are a few of my fave ways to use them:

1.     Sunflower seed butter and a sprinkle of cacao powder
2.     Good Culture (probiotic) cottage cheese and apple slices
3.     Wild smoked salmon with farmers cheese or ricotta
4.     Avocado with a pesto drizzle.

Scrambled eggs, chicken salad and tuna would work too, your Orgran options are pretty much endless.

We want to share our Orgran obsession, tell us your favorite topping below for a chance to win a free box by 12/17. And if you have any orgran art/photos post them tagging us @carolynbrownnutrition @foodtrainers

*cracker that’s made the rounds in many weight loss plans but needs be retired.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The one thing nutritionists eat at holiday parties

Yesterday, Well & Good posted an article revealing what nutritionists eat at holiday parties.
 My “one thing” listed was Scotch. As you can see below, I mention Scotch but there’s also food involved. I thought I’d share my unedited answer, lest you follow the Scotch diet.

Generally, I’m running out the door, after my last client, to the party or event.
My pre-party taxi snack involves our Foodtrainers’ nutcase (shameless I know but I have one in every purse) filled with anything from All Good Provisions goji trail mix to Himalania dark choc chia seeds. I also sniff peppermint essential oil as a quick pick me up and appetite suppressant.
At the party, I’m a one and done drink girl. My winter spirit of choices is Scotch and I have it “neat” as it’s easy to nurse that way. I’m allergic to wheat so party food choices are limited which is totally fine. I try to pick a few items and stick to those. The whole pupu platter approach never ends well. I’ll pick from shrimp cocktail, sashimi, crudité and usually some cheese situation. “Lipstick-sized” is our Foodtrainers ’cheese rule though I often have two lipsticks.  Finally, if I didn’t have dark chocolate something en route to the party, I’ll end my night with that.

Happy Holidays, just because it’s a festive time of year doesn’t mean you should be strategy-free.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Should wellness companies "promote" alcohol?

I realize she's not a "company" but some find this humor offensive
For some reason, I’ve encountered multiple accounts of sobriety lately. My friend Aidan Donnelley hosted Elizabeth Vargas for one of her “Happier Hour” book events. Elizabeth’s book tells her story about anxiety and alcoholism. Aidan has written about and been fairly public with her sobriety as well. I also read Love Warrior, Glendon Doyle Melton’s memoir. And most recently, a friend turned me on to the Home podcast, specifically an episode about eating and addiction. The nutritionist interviewed tells her story about her issues with alcohol. I think the topic of women and alcohol is an important one. I know, from years of counseling, that for many people alcohol may not be a major problem but it’s not a non-issue either. A lot of clients worry about their drinking, being open and having conversations privately or publicly is vital.

I come to the table from a slightly different vantage point. I like a cocktail. I like making cocktails, I like sharing cocktails with friends and here and there I like a drink after a busy, stressful day. While I often joke about being a Tulanian, my relationship with alcohol is a healthy one. Except for special occasions, I tend to have one drink and could easily go a stretch without a drink depending on my social schedule. I am only describing my habits to present an example of drinking that’s not damaging.

A popular wellness website recently posted a lighthearted quote about wine. I was taken aback by some negative commentary. Some called it irresponsible, others felt it promoted drinking. It’s tricky. I’ve expressed disappointment with celebrities who endorse soda. And if you struggle with food addiction- the barrage of unhealthy food ads can be triggering. While I empathize with anyone struggling with addiction, I don’t think we can expect the world to see things through our lens. Depending on the person, a post or quote about coffee, alcohol or cake will be interpreted differently.

Alcohol isn’t healthy.  I’d love the resveratrol research to turn wine into a health food, it isn’t going to. If you don’t drink, there is no reason to start; however, many of our Foodtrainers’ clients do drink. For some, I suggest cutting back (for starters single digits for drinks for men, less than 7 for women per week). Others want to know the “best” drinks to choose or how to mitigate some of the side effects of alcohol. More often than not, clients are relieved to see that we drink and eat pizza. I’d sort out if drinking is an issue for you. If you’re spending time thinking about that, you probably have your answer. If you’re looking for help cleaning up your food or alcohol act, our Whipping Week sign up started today We’re 2/3 full so grab your spot if you want one.
Curious what you think, should wellness brands “support” drinking?

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Foods to undo some of the holiday bulls#!t

Last night Carolyn and I had a talk to give. If you’re in NYC,  you know that it was an insanely rainy night. So, like the true professionals we are, we emailed our host 10 times saying “are you sure we’re on, it’s so bad out maybe people would like to do another night?” We were on and, as is often the case when you least expect it, it was great. We had a smart/fun group in a small, swanky 51st floor room. There was booze we didn’t drink and chandeliers we did NOT swing from (we didn’t know these people yet). The topic was top 10 foods you should eat to undo holiday damage.

Issue: Hangovers
Shockingly over 20% of people do not experience hangovers. Most of us do. Try our 1 for 1 rule and have 1 water for every drink you have or just stick to 1 drink (some people can do this). If you overdo it, think ginger. Most hangover issues stem from inflammation. We like Wakaya ginger Mix it with water after you drink or next morning or be like us and plop some in your clear spirit of choice.
Honorable  hangover mentions:  coconut water, eggs, vitamin B12
Skip: hair of the dog or bacon egg and cheese rituals

Issue: Sweet tooth (or teeth)
Sweets are a big issue this time of year or really every time of year. If sweets are your kryptonite- be ferm! I’m talking fermented foods. Your gut is really the control tower for your body and what’s going on there affects your cravings, especially sweet cravings. The “top shelf” ferm(ented) foods are  fermented  veggies (farmhouse kraut, bubbles pickles and BAO are great brands) & kefir (sort of turbo yogurt when it comes to probiotic count).

Issue- Dry, gross skin
Winter, sugar, booze and too much time inside = parched, sad skin.
If you haven’t started collagening, you have 2 choices:
collagen powder or bone broth. In NYC check out the new brodo shops west village and Bryant park.

Issue: Zero Energy 
First I’ll remind you to sleep more and hydrate (professional obligation). If you want a little metabolism boost, make that water ice cold. If  you’re seekinga more interesting upper, drink matcha. Matcha, because you consume the whole leaf via this pretty powder, puts plain old green tea to shame.
Matcha gives you a push without making you jittery. It revives you and calms you down at once, impressive. If you’re really feeling low, drink matcha with brain octane in it and thank me when you decide to take a break hours later.

Issue: Stress!!!
Once upon a time there was a mineral called magnesium. This super-crucial mineral helps you chill out and keeps your metabolism humming along. However, there’s also a demon called stress that runs around the city scopping up magnesium. I don’t’ know where I’m going with this but most of us are deficient in magnesium which means both our mood and metabolism are subpar.
Don’t freak out. I love magnesium bath flakes (Naturopathica makes amazing ones), you can supplement magnesium (we love pure encapsulations or natural calm packets). And you can eat real, potent dark chocolate, 70% or > and avocado morning, noon and night.

Issue: family 
Solution: I’ll get back to you on this one, Foodtraining can only fix so much.

Happy Holidays! Cheers to not feeling like Santa at the end of this season.