Thursday, May 21, 2015

Eat these foods to keep eating in check Memorial Day weekend

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 Thank goodness there’s a shift away from tiresome calorie counting. If you counted the calories in your breakfast, step away from My Fitness Pal. it’s not a real pal. Instead, think about the quality of your food. What your food to do for you (as always it’s all about you). Do you need more energy? Maybe some “GI” assistance, I discussed a reliable remedy for that in Tuesday. Or are you hungry all the time? Do you you overeat? Often want something more after a meal?  I hear you.

Last week, I sat down with CBS at the beautiful, new Madison Square location for Dig Inn. The topic? Foods that cut your cravings, at Foodtrainers we dubbed these foods Full Foods.

Here are five foods to keep you satisfied longer:
  1. Yogurt- yogurt is a fermented or probiotic food. Greek yogurt or Siggi’s Skyr is also higher in protein. Fermented foods improve appetite signals to the brain (shortens that lag between eating and realizing you ate) and protein at breakfast results in eating less later in the day.
  2. Raspberries- every food group has a hierarchy. For fullness, raspberries are on top. They are the highest fiber fruit, 8 grams per cup, and they’re also in season (if you’ve read Little Book of Thin you know that I warn about overfruiting so stick to that cup of raspberries). And I’m not lying when I say some (favorite) clients reported rereading LBT as a refresher. Swear. Try it while you eat your raspberries.
  3. Avocado- full disclosure the avocado people are involved in these avo-studies I reference but I don’t care. Half an avocado at lunch reduces snacking later in the day and makes lunch worthwhile. So long snack monster. And potassium in avocados is a “delicious debloater”. Pack avocados in your overnight bag, snap a photo if you do. 
  4. Eggs- eggs may be the numero uno Full Food even though I’m listing it forth for no reason. Eggs decrease ghrelin (horrible hunger hormone, I always envision Little Shop of Horrors “feed me Seymour feed me all night long”). Boil half a dozen eggs and use them on salads or as snacks.
  5. Beans- I said during filming no bean jokes. If you’re worried about “beaniness” at the beach stick to mung beans- the gas free bean. After eating beany meals people reported they were 30% more satisfied than similarly composed bean free entrees. Not legume-inclined? Try these bean pastas I mention in the segment.

Have a great weekend. No need to be hangry (or gorging), got it?
What are your “Full Foods” that satisfy you most? Are these five a part of your diet? Do you calorie count?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Should you be apple cider vinegar-ing?

Today we sent out our Monthly Morsels newsletter. May’s topic is what we call Ferm Foods (fermented/probiotic…too many syllables). We are Ferm freaks at Foodtrainers.  If you’re wondering what these foods can do for you, here you go.

One of our Ferm faves is apple cider vinegar (ACV). It seems there’s nothing ACV can’t do. While we remain leery of food miracles tied to ingesting any one item, we’re fans but have our limits. We’re not washing our hair with it (yet) or curing our foot odor (Foodtrainers don’t smell). Instead this ferm food slows the conversion of carbs to sugar and stabilizes blood sugar.  And if this didn’t resonate the benefits of better blood sugar include more energy and less excess sugar stored as…you guessed it fat.

Not sold? ACV is also great for seasonal allergies, gas and constipation.  And seems counterintuitive but ACV and ferm foods reduce reflux (or GERD). There’s also interesting information on ACV and Lyme. 

Of course all vinegar isn’t created equal. We like this ACV- first it’s palatable. Also, your ACV should be cloudy and not clear. You want “the mother” present which is that goopy stuff (where all the goodness exists). How much? Don’t go crazy- 1 Tbs. before breakfast diluted with water (if you like your tooth enamel) and a squeeze of lemon works. Going to twice a day is fine too.

And be careful sugar and especially fructose (fruit sugar) can undo the work ferm foods do, with summer nearly here be careful you don’t overfruit.
Do you ACV? Do you use it at meals or solo? Does your bottle have a mother?

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Do you guilt eat?

 I’ve written about peer pressure before and “bossy bosses”.  Guilt eating is similar but generally speaking in this case the person gifting or offering food has good intentions. I hear instances of guilt eating all the time. Just this week “My mom left this morning! After she left, I filled a trash bag with all of the English muffins, chips and dessert she had so graciously bought me :)”
Good that the “trash” was tossed. I’m not 100% convinced bringing these foods to an adult “child” is the best idea but you see the pull. Mom thought of me and arrived with these foods, it was so nice of her.  Yes, to an extent it was, feel that gesture.
Or, this one is even more tricky and loaded, “my kids had made cinnamon chip cookies which my daughter "invented” she had to make up a recipe for could I not have one?”
Are you ready? Neither mom’s kindness nor this child’s creativity are ignored if we don’t consume the food. Acknowledge the emotion “thank you so much for taking time to bring these” OR “tell me what you put in these cookies”. It will not create an eating disorder in your children if you say “let’s put this in a container, I’m going to have it tomorrow as my treat” or “those look amazing but I’m not hungry right now.” You see, show enthusiasm and graciousness but only eat the said food if you really want to. It's your choice and your guilt or lack thereof. Make sense?
Do you guilt eat? In what situations? 

Monday, May 4, 2015

A not-super-fit looking yoga teacher may have solved all your problems

Friday, I ventured back to yoga for the first time in two years.
Way back when, yoga and I didn’t have a casual relationship.
I joined Pure Yoga (membership based = unlimited classes) and approached yoga the way I do all things- obsessively. I swung toward hot yoga, sweat buckets and was even known to frontload my yoga with a run. I enjoyed the yoga, the music, the dark-ish room and eventually could bind and contort into some of the more difficult poses. However, this was not a mind/body journey for me. It was a body, body journey where I tracked by progress versus the yogi aficionados in the room and looked for physical evidence of yoga strengthening me. Simply put I didn’t get it. I questioned if I was sweating more than strengthening and defected back to barre classes as soon as they were offered.

Recently (some of you have commented on my posts) I have been more aware of my need for “mind” work. I always suggest it for others and believe in it. And one can only give so much money to the prepaid fitness pot before you feel like a total idiot. So I went back to Pure to one of their basics class last week. It was me, a bunch of ladies my mother’s age and a few inflexible men. It felt perfectly unintimidating but still I still dragged my bolster and blocks to the very back of the room.

In walks the instructor. If you’ve read my posts you know I judge. I don’t judge everyone but I judge fitness professionals. I like aspirational and if that means my “mind” needs more work I’ll tell my gorgeous (yup) therapist. This instructor didn’t inspire me physically BUT when she opened her mouth and addressed the class, she had me. Not a minute in, she mentioned something called Svadhyaya. I typed a misspelled version of this word into my phone (that was supposed to be in my cubby but…). Svadhyaya means self study.

We were told we’d be given suggestions and modifications but that we had to see where our bodies were. We knew best. As someone who doles out advice and loves receiving advice I know this is the case. I love when I make a suggestion and a client says, “that’s not going to work” whether it’s because they know themselves or have a gauge on a situation they’ll be in. One client last week told me he does better when he sets goals versus when they come from me. And one of our Summer Squeeze participants clarified “I can't whip out anything BYO in today's  work environment” on a business trip with the head of her company (I had suggested she BYOsnacks).

Chances are you know your body, psyche and tendencies better than any expert. So while we still need preofessionals (and FOODTRAINERS) any wellness effort should be collaborative and personalized.
Where are you on the mind/body spectrum? Do you do yoga, meditate or anything else? What do you think of Svadhyaya or self study? 

Monday, April 27, 2015

How do you feel right now? Give me three words...

 Today we kicked off our 3-week Summer Squeeze.  This is not a super-strict, quick fix regime (that would be our Whipping Week). This was designed to get habits in line and establish an eating system before summer officially starts.  In order to get an idea of where participants are at we asked, “give us three words for how you feel right now”.  Responses included stressed/large/blah/flabby and tired, can you relate? And then we wondered, “how do you want to feel?”. Our Squeezers said “healthy” “under control” “back to myself” “confident” “calmer” and “energetic”. 

I attended a memorial for a great man yesterday. It wasn’t your traditional funeral. We were in Central Park. A group gathered mid day, a few friends and family members spoke. They remembered a kind man, a “gentle soul”.  He never raised his voice and always thought of others. One friend said, “he always found the perfect presents” and “always showed up with too much food.” We were invited to take a stone with some of his virtues on them.

So where am I going with this? How does this relate to food and weight? It’s that we spend so much time on getting ready for the swimsuit and white jeans, as Lena Dunham says “the ass”.  And I’ll go on record again and say the ass, belly, thighs, arms matter, they do. But we make progress or can make long-term progress with our weight and food when we are connected to the feelings. Last week my wise therapist said to me “you have a good handle on the physical now let’s focus on your mental diet”. It’s also healthy to focus on what we’re “showing” others. The man I spoke about above was so, so handsome (and that was discussed) but there were no stones in the basket that said “hot”.

So, give me three words to describe how you feel right now. How do you want to feel? What would you want your “rock” to say?

Monday, April 20, 2015

Hemp-y Breakfast With Anna Kaiser

I had the pleasure of shooting a video you fitness guru Anna Kaiser. The requested topic was hemp and since hemp hearts are lauded in The Little Book of Thin, I was thrilled. An aside, I hadn't meant Anna prior. And you never know what a project will be like in this scenario. Anna was as welcoming and fun as she is successful. So here is the link, we make a delicious Blueberry, lime and coconut breakfast bowl and laugh a lot. The bowl feature's my favorite Siggi's coconut low fat yogurt, Manitoba hemp hearts and lots of zest. Stay tuned for our next installment.
Have you tried Anna's workout? Eat hemp foods? Did you think hemp was pot? 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Maybe the "drunchies" are to blame.

So we’ve covered what to drink before; you know us Tulanian girls aren’t afraid of a good time and love our Tanteo tequila and Titos (ok and Veev, too) more than the average person. What you drink and how often are crucial variables when it comes to your health and weight, but it’s also what happens to your food after drinking and the next day that can make or break your jean “zippage”.

We’ve all been there (some of us longer ago than others), after a late night and a little too much to drink suddenly those fries don’t sound like such a disaster. Or, maybe you were just out to a boozy dinner and you decide to have a little counter buffet when you get home. 

And guess what? It’s not just willpower, research shows that alcohol stimulates appetite and makes you crave higher fat, salt-filled foods. Not only does hitting the bottle make you more hungry initially, you will only continue to eat more at the meals following (hello hungover brunch or missed workout, nice to see you again).

So a few too many drinks in, and you touch the things (at least it’s not people anymore) you would never touch. What’s a cocktail-appreciating person to do?

At Foodtrainers we suggest a  less than 100-calorie optional “dessert”  after dinner I like to say if you’re drinking, you are drinking your dessert and Kate Hudson agrees. But if late night munchies are going to happen, we need a plan in place.

Choose a late night/lush food prior to imbibing. You want to keep it as light as possible, but if everyone around you is ordering pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches you need to have an option too. My recommendations for clients are usually popcorn, Brussels Bytes, dark chocolate or Matt’sMunchies (how appropriate). Have your snack set aside before going out and a giant cup of water to “soak up” the alcohol. If it’s been a long night, charcoal is worth a try.  And then get to bed.
You know the Grandma saying, nothing good ever happens after 2am, well there’s no place that’s truer than in the kitchen.

As for the next day… no, grease does not help a hangover but you know what does? DRAM Apothecary's hair of the dog drops and Gaia's organic milk thistle. I have been known to order it from Amazon Prime for friends during parties, cuz I’m that much fun.
Egg yolks also have a compound called cysteine that help break down alcohol toxins, so order a veggie omelet (no, bacon egg and cheeses do not count). Also suggested is to either sweat it out or sleep it off.

In an ideal world, you’re not having more than 1-2 drinks in a night… and the older I get the more I realize even that can make you hungover. But party and then post party “nosh” responsibly.

(Today's post by the younger Tulanian/Carolyn)

Do you get the drunk-munchies or drunchies? What do you find helps?