Monday, April 19, 2010

Foodtrainers' Find: Oots

If you’ve ever made lunch for a child or had lunch packed for you when you were a  child chances are a lunch box or lunch bag was involved. My boys had Scooby Do and Spiderman and I recall a Hulk lunchbox too. Lunchboxes keep food cold (or hot), prevent spillage and look pretty cool. Fast forward to adulthood and we forget the utility of the lunch box. I for one have been known to put Tupperware and water bottles right next to my laptop and kindle. Yet containers can (and do) open and can release odors and I don’t know about you but I don’t really enjoy soggy electronics or walking around smelling like pesto.

Enter Oots lunchboxes …I sort of lied in the title. It’s not really a Foodtrainers’ Find. I read about these in another magazine (I think Cooking Light?) but call all product ideas Foodtrainers’ Finds and hey- I found them in the magazine. I purchased the orange lunchbox deluxe. The deluxe comes stocked with adorable containers for lunch and snacks that stack like a puzzle inside.

The top of the box is made to fit a water bottle. I chuckled when I read a note on the oots site indicating these lunchboxes were suited for adults too. To me they are adult lunchboxes maybe suitable for kids too. If you don’t BYOL, you may have to start.

So what’s the worst thing that’s ever spilled in your purse? Do you BYOL? What was your favorite lunchbox as a child?


  1. Argh! I was on-line for hours last night trying to find the perfect lunch box or lunch bag. Finally I found two cute handmade options on Etsy. If those were returnable, I'd order the Oots right now...oh well.

    While on a college tour recently, a friend threw an open container of Pringles (another rant for another day, but why do colleges give out such crappy snacks? Thank god for the Kind bars) into my open bag, coating the bottom in a dehydrated potato-y particles. Ew.

    My favorite lunch box as a kid was Holly Hobby. But after 1st grade, I had permission to go to Grandma's house for lunch since she lived across the street. That lasted until middle school, and lunch boxes were so not cool then.

    All of this lunch box shopping is to ensure that I bring my lunch to school. Today's lunch includes veggie soup, spinach salad, an apple and a Justin's pack. Having my husband pack lunch for me is a huge help, too.

  2. Since the Feb Brown bag challenge, I have brought my lunch to work everyday except for 2. I LOVE BYOL! I bought a bag a Zabars, and I can fit everything in it. I also bought the glass containers with a plastic lid for BBB so I can heat up my food in glass verses a plastic container. I tend to like more of a mini meal than a salad for lunch, so I plan ahead. We make turkey meatloaf, turkey burgers, or tons of roasted veggies, and I have it ready for the next day. I always have a fruit, and another snack... something it is a bar ( only 5 per week ) or a G&G cracker with a schmear.

    if we are cooking, I take out food for lunch before we eat....

    As for a kids lunch box, I think my favorite one was Mickey Mouse Club.