Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm Glowing

It was the Friday after the Friday after Thanksgiving. I was at Whole Foods Market stocking up for our first of many trips to Vermont for the season. Aside from produce and meal staples I had to get everyones favorite goodies. I had Bear Naked Fit vanilla granola for Marc, dried strawberries for Myles and smores ingredients for Weston. I always have medjool dates and dark chocolate on hand but noticed a brand of gluten free cookies I hadn’t tried before. I tossed a box of Glow Gluten Free Snickerdoodles into the cart and continued to shop. 

 The next day, after skiing and lunch, the boys and Marc headed down the road to skate. I stayed back to organize the house, do some cleaning and eventually get dinner started. If I’m being upfront, I really stayed back because I get a couple of hours to be alone (and do the aforementioned activities yeah, yeah).  I said goodbye to the boys and started up the teakettle. I choose Harney Hot Cinnamon spice tea 

and turned the lazy Susan (what’s better than a lazy Susan, really?) in the cabinet in search of a mate for my tea. I spotted the pretty package of snickerdoodles and opened it. 

I sat at the kitchen counter with my oversized cup of tea, my generously sized cookie and aptop and before tasting anything knew life really doesn’t get any better than that. And then it did. I had a taste of the tea and it was perfect for a cold winter day. It had a sweetness from the cinnamon and wasn’t too hot to drink. Then I had the cookie, I am not a snickerdoodle person, and it was crispy and chewy at the same time. I dunked the cookie in the tea and almost fainted from euphoria, I tweeted about it instead.

Deliciousness is one thing but I knew that if these cookies and I were going to coexist I had to know more about them. I looked at the label and saw they were 110 calories and had 2 grams of fiber per cookie, pretty good. I glanced at the ingredients expecting to see potato flour or some other gluten-free, and not necessarily wholesome, base and saw “garbanzo and fava bean flour”. While I know this information might deter many of you for me this sealed the deal. My newfound treat was made from legumes, it tasted fantastic and I still had an hour and a half left in the house.

P.S. Over Christmas I bought the Glow Ginger Snaps. I had one and they were even better than the Snickerdoodles. When I returned to the lazy Susan a couple days later, I turned and turned and the Gingersnaps were gone.
Do you love being alone as much as I do? What are your favorite cold-weather treats? Do you think it’s bad that I don’t skate with the boys?


  1. Not a huge fan of being alone. Probably why I elect to do so much of my writing at Starbucks :) These cookies sound amazing.

  2. Ohh thanks for the recommendation - I love Whole Foods and those cookies sound delicious!
    I DO love being alone. I don't get alone time often, so when I do I really live it up. I do NOT think it's bad that you don't skate with them! I'm guessing you do a ton of stuff with them, but you need YOUR time too.
    Hmmm... fav cold weather treats... coffee for cold mornings, tea for cold nights. As far as food - soup. I love pretty much any kind of soup!

  3. i just took tommy june to daycare so i could be alone on my last day of break before school. that's much ruder than not skating. ;-)

  4. I am going to try these! They sound amazing. I think it's healthy that you would want to be alone. Everyone needs a break, to regroup! Makes things more pleasant for the group when everyone gets alone time here and there.

  5. I love alone time.

    And apparently so do at least 10 our our lower school families. We had a faculty work day yesterday, but no kids. 10 lower school families tried to drop off their kids yesterday. When one mom was told that we didn't have school, she asked us if she could just drop off her kids on campus for a few hours so she could be alone!

    Do those cookies come in a non-ginger variety?

  6. Aidan- thought you wrote at Starbucks for the coffee, wow you really don't like being alone, can't imagine! Chelsea, I'm a soup girl too. Devin, you made me feel better. Carrie- not sure I like being alone just for a break genuinely like it. And Marie, I have gone to school when there was no school, guilty! Cookies come in 5-6 flavors.

  7. Oh how I rejoice in my alone time. It has become something that I cherish. When I first moved to NYC, I would hide in the bathroom for alone time. I just needed some space for everyone.

    And as for something hot to drink with a cookie that is yummy too, I am all over that. I will go buy some as soon as I can get to Whole Foods. My kids love gingersnap and snickerdoodle cookies so now we have a dessert for them to try.

  8. That is my favorite tea this season! And, yes, I love it if I have the opportunity to enjoy it by myself during some alone time. It's good to know yourself, what you need, and do it. Keep enjoying:)

  9. Tea and Glow...A great combination!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE my alone time.