Monday, August 11, 2014

What I bring away with me

I have fun prepping clients for their vacations. In order to figure out a game plan I need to know how long they’ll be away, whether they’ll be staying in a hotel or a house and how they typically eat when away. And since we refer to ourselves as “nutrition troubleshooters” I like to think that no challenge is too great. Weight restrictions for your baggage? We know which snacks are the easiest to pack (chia bars work well). Flying for almost 24 hours? We’ve done that as well and we never bank on refueling during a layover…you never know. However, like the cobbler’s children (who have no shoes) it’s easy for me to get suckered into “I know what to do” and to end up winging it, which never works.
This weekend I put together some of my tried and true favorites. I always bring a Nutcase and nuts to refill it with. I know jerky isn’t for everyone but I find protein, that is protein without added hormones and antibiotics, isn’t easy to come by so I like the Real Sticks. I like bars for travel; Marc and I have been loving the Jalapeno “Strong” Kind bars.  And just in case I put in something sweet, in this case one of our Dark Chocolate Coconut cups. We developed the Food FirstAid Kit Pouches so that your snacks, tea bags and other “secret weapons” are all in one place. We also put together this video on how to pack your kitcomplete with bloopers at the end. The golden snack rule is 1 item per day away.

As you go away (or if you’re already away), remember I’m here via Twitter @Foodtrainers so you can Tweet it Don’t Eat It #TIDEI when tempted. And on Instagram show me your travel snack stash with the hashtag #Foodtrainers for a chance to win our Summer Sampler Kit (complete with on-the-go metabolism boosting contents).

I was going to say “happy trails” but for some reason googled. Seriously Urban Dictionary, does every saying have some gross bodily reference?
Save travels, there.

What goes in your Food First Aid Kit? What’s the most difficult part of staying healthy when away? Did you know what happy trails meant?


  1. I can testify to the amazing efficiency of your traveler's survival kit! Among my faves are munching on fennel seeds during a flight, carrying "Chia shots" and Garden of Life Protein pouches to mix with water in a Blender Bottle. All of the above enabled me to fly over 20 hours straight without experiencing the dreaded bloat...

  2. Hi Lauren! It looks like you are recommending may different forms of nuts in the to-go kit. I've often wondered, especially given nuts are such an easy, portable, healthy go-to, how many servings a day is "okay." I love your blog and love following your insta- Foodtrainers takes a no-nonsense approach that simplifies things for the layperson... and too boot is perfectly in line with my personality :)

  3. I always bring Kind bars or Lara bars with me, both for while we're in transit as well as while we're on vacation to eat for breakfast. Breakfast is usually expensive and unhealthy so a kind bar and some fresh fruit (obtainable at the destination usually) are perfect for that. But I agree that in transit is the most difficult part - there just aren't many options for food so you have to come prepared. I always bring a lot of water (or buy at the airport before the flight), and plan for bathroom breaks. Nuts are filling, and I bring pretzels for something to fill up on quickly in case of motion sickness (in the case of my husband or son). Boy, we are a high maintenance family when it comes to food!

  4. High maintenance much better. Try Mary's Twigs and sticks versus pretzels. Like Lara bars but feel I need more protein at breakfast. Safe travels.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Cristina. Yes, as much as we're "pro-nut" nuts are tricky and that's where a nutcase/portion comes in. Nuts generally a 1/day item for our clients. Always open to suggestions if you have questions or want to see something covered. And while we say it like it is, a little nonsense ok, right?

  6. Love the blender bottle Johanne. I even used it on a camping/bike trip. And fennel seeds- debater and keeps you busy in flight, right?