Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kale is sort of a cliche', 5 other greens that compete

pretty micros via Good Water Farms
Fitbit asked me for 5 greens for kale-ed out folks. I actually love to eat kale (shocker) but I am sick of hearing about it. There are other attention-worthy greens. I love micrograms from Good Water Farms and throw them on everything, they're so delicate I find my kids dig them too. I also love flavor and arugula never disappoints. Bare Burger's collard wrap option sort of changed my life. For some reason this is infinitely more exciting than a burger on a salad. With the collard wrap you are in the handheld, utensil free party.

 And when I say omega 3, you think...salmon? Most people do (if they think about omegas) how about bok choy? Now maybe BC will get a little "green-spect. Anyway you'll find the full post here.
I'm curious- are you sick of kale? What are you fave greens? 

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  1. I type this as I eat a kale/beet/freekeh salad, so I can honestly say I'm not sick of kale! It's versatile, mild-tasting, and since my kid likes it, it will continue to be a staple at my house. That said, I have nothing against other greens (except Swiss chard... it tastes like dirt to me... sorry chard!), and try to incorporate them in our diets too.