Thursday, October 8, 2009

Foodtrainers Find: Rocal Beets

I love beets. When beets are on a menu, there’s a fairly good chance I will be ordering that item. I like beets roasted, I like beets steamed, beets make me happy. I realize there’s about a 50 percent chance you think I’m crazy because I think for every person who agrees with me, there’s someone who absolutely hates beets. I don’t think there’s a middle ground here. Brussels sprouts also fall into this category of foods you either adore or despise but I’m not writing about them today. Back to beets, if there is one thing I don’t like about beets it’s the mess. I wear rubber gloves and an apron but beets are messy……except for the neat beets I found.

I found the “neat beets” at Fairway Market. These beats are cooked (steamed I would guess), peeled and packaged without any additives, salt or anything else, just beets. They are made by a company called Rocal (from France) and come in organic and conventional varieties. I just had some in my salad….yum.

Neat Beet Salad

2-3 Rocal beets

1 can Flott tuna in olive oil (2.8oz can) or Zoe tuna

2 -3 handfuls lettuce (I used Bibb)

½ avocado

1 kirby cucumber

Juice half lemon

Olive oil

Kosher Salt and pepper

Chop all ingredients with Sur la Table salad chopper


  1. Can anyone tell me if Rocal beets are heat sealed into their plastic packaging, which may be cause for some health concerns? Love the product!

  2. I love "em too...just had the same salad-egg-no tuna-no oil lots of spice but that's not my reason for commenting.

    They seem to have more and more juice instead of beets in the packaging these days and I wonder if the beets and or juice aren't pumped with a little sugar because normal beet juice is far more bitter than this brand-doesn't take away from the ease an no mess bit but I'm a little skeptical seeing as my taste buds and I have been eating beets for a long time