Sunday, October 18, 2009

R.D. (relaxing detour)

Every year, I travel with my friend and colleague Keri Glassman M.S, R.D, CDN to the ADA (American Dietetic Association) conference. Sure, we need our continuing education credits but we also both need a little time away from it all. Keri and I met in grad school and while we both have private practices and our profession in common, when we’re together we rarely talk shop. So over lunch I took the opportunity to ask Keri a few food questions.

Lauren: Keri, you certainly wear a lot of hats: you counsel private nutrition clients, you are an author (of The Snackfactor Diet and the upcoming O2 diet), you’re on TV, you have 2 adorable children- what advice would you give my (numerous) blog readers about managing your food when you’re busy?

Keri: Plan, plan, plan. Twenty minutes of prep work in the beginning of the week can save you thousands of calories. For some specifics, I would suggest portioning out nuts, slicing fresh vegetables and planning your dinners.

Lauren: Speaking of the 02 diet (which focuses on high-antioxidant foods). If people were to incorporate two high- antioxidant, perhaps less common, foods into their routines, what should they be?

Keri: Artichokes and pistachios, artichokes are a big part of the 02 Diet and pistachios are a favorite nut of mine. They are the lowest fat nut. For more information go to

Lauren: And for times when artichokes aren’t in season?

Keri: There is a company I love called Monterey Farms ( that has delicious sealed/packaged artichokes in a little olive oil. You can find them at Whole Foods markets.

Lauren: And the ADA conference, what’s your favorite thing about the conference?

Keri: Spending time with my friend Lauren of course, oh and learning new information and having a nutritionist watch my every move.

Lauren: OK I think we should break (our salads arrived). I will say, for the record, we’re eating salads with spinach, pistachios, chicken and green apples. And Keri is drinking Tazo’s Refresh tea which is a mix of mint and tarragon.
It's time to eat, this was fun (and a little dorky).

What are your favorite ways to spend time with your friends? And also, what are your favorite high-antioxidant foods?

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  1. I love the idea of portioning everything out for the week ahead but I don't want to use ziplock bags so I guess that just leaves me with plastic containers. Does anybody have a suggestion for a great snack storage "system". I went on the container store website and I am thinking of purchasing the "klip it" for the kids snacks and the salad bowl for myself. Any thoughts?