Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Foodtrainers Find: the Perfect Chocolate

I am in love (again). I know, a few months back, I said the same thing. And really, at the time that Kookie was rocking my world. And don’t worry Kookie and I are still friends. Foodtrainers’ clients love Kookies and Kookie makes its way into my afternoon snack regularly. Truth be told, that was a little out of character for me, to have such strong feelings for a Kookie. I am really more of a chocolate person. And it’s the Holiday Season and chocolate is festive.

So you know I am in love with a chocolate but you don’t know which one. OK, you may know if you can read the fine print in the picture but you don’t know why, I’ll tell you:
This chocolate is not too big and not too small. The portion I suggest for regular dark chocolate bars is one row. I suggest one row and can eat one row but there are always those other rows beckoning from the package. Regular bars are too big. There are smaller options, I like Hershey’s Bliss in dark chocolate too as you know. The portion for those bite-sized chocolates is 3 to 5 pieces. The problem there is that 3 pieces doesn’t seem like a lot. For many, Hershey’s are too small. The chocolate I love is just right; the whole bar is 100 calories.

This chocolate is good quality. When judging dark chocolate, percentage cocoa content is an important feature. I generally advise 70% cocoa content or higher though anything above 50% is good for novice chocophiles. The chocolate I love comes in both 60% and 75% cocoa content.

This chocolate comes in a nice package (I did not say has a nice package, easy). I’ll admit it; I am the person who chooses wines with a pretty label. I am an advertisers dream. This chocolate comes in adorable individual boxes. It is great to travel with and the perfect purse snack.

And because I am not possessive, I am willing to share my new love with all of you. Bissingers 100 Calorie dark chocolate bar is available at Foodtrainers.

Do you have any new food loves/obsessions? Please share, I just opened up to you after all.

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  1. choco velvet: frozen bananas, a small scoop of chocolate powder, a bit of peanut butter, and soy milk. mix it all up in a blender. not the best for an iowa winter, but i still love it.