Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cup of Tea

Though cooler today (thank god) it’s been hot as hell in NYC this week. When it’s hot you want cold food and cold drinks and so Sunday I made a pitcher of iced tea. I used chamomile tea bags, fresh mint, a squirt of honey and put it all in a glass pitcher that, along with husband and I, has made it the 12 years since our wedding. I’ll admit I feel a little virtuous when I make iced tea or slice lemons and limes for my water or anything else that requires going that extra preparation mile.

After letting the iced tea chill, I poured a glass for myself and another for my husband. My husband likes iced tea as much as I do; at least I thought he did. He took a sip from the glass and said nothing. “So…” I asked, fishing for feedback. “I’m sorry but that tastes way too healthy.” “I don’t think so, I think it tastes great and can you define what healthy tastes like anyway” I asked, appropriately defensive. Truth is, I knew what he meant. Chamomile tea is a little bland; I hadn’t overloaded the pitcher with mint or sweet and so the tea was a little blah but I liked it (not being defensive this time). Or am I just used to it?

The more I thought about it, the more foods I came up with, green juices, walnuts, hemp protein, brown rice that I enjoy but could see others describing as “too healthy”. Some of these foods, I can say I honestly say I love. Others I may enjoy because I know they’re healthy. For example, I don’t jump for joy when I take my E3 Live every morning. Some of these foods have grown on me over time. I don’t think tempeh and I were love at first bite but now I really like it.
As far as the Chamomile, I ended up finishing my husband’s tea. It just wasn’t his cup of tea and he knew it.
Do think healthy foods are sometimes an acquired taste? Are you, like me, willing to try a few times until you like them? Or are you, like my husband, never going to drink a green juice?


  1. There are healthy foods I really love, like most veggies, fruit, whole grains and seafood. There are other healthy foods I simply can't do, like legumes. Some I tolerate, like salads (especially out of season) and salmon.

    It was a struggle to get my husband to switch from diet pepsi to green tea as he finds non-soda drinks "too healthy" tasting. We've compromised somewhat, and now he drinks a lot of fruit juice cut w/ sparkling water. It's a start.

    I can say with confidence that neither of us will ever crave green juice.

  2. I fnd that since I became vegan almost 2 years ago, my tastes have changed - I've acquired a 'healthy' palate. Things like vegetable juices, lentils, parsley, tempeh, tofu & spinach now make my mouth water! And I love chamomile tea :)