Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You Smooze, You Win

Around this time of year, much like fireflies, frozen yogurt, ice cream, sorbet and the like start to appear. Clients want to know how often we suggest having various frozen concoctions and of course our favorite picks. I’ll admit, I’m a Pinkberry (and Red Mango) fan but let’s face it Pinkberry is expensive and it isn’t everywhere. My new favorite frozen treat is everywhere (or can be thanks to shipping) and it’s reasonably priced too. They are shipped and often sold unfrozen and you pop them in the freezer once home. They’re insanely delicious and only 70 calories. They’re called Smooze .

In case you’re not already on Amazon or on your way to Whole Foods, a little more about Smooze. Smooze is dairy free, gluten free and free of nasty sweeteners. Smooze comes in 4 fantastic flavors pineapple, mango, passion fruit and pink guava. Truth be told I have only tried 3 of the 4 fantastic flavors and mango is my current favorite (pineapple second). All of the Smoozes have coconut milk so while they’re dairy free they are creamy and not icy. This product may fall into the there’s something wrong if you if you don’t like them category, that good.
What are your favorite frozen treats? Have you tried Smooze? Is there something wrong with you?


  1. We love these in our house. I bought them for the kids at whole foods -----

  2. do your boys love them, lauren? maybe i should get some. did i tell you trader joes will be in des moines? there is no whole foods in iowa. we make frozen pops with yogurt and fresh berries...i don't love them like the girl does, though. i do think there's something wrong with me - i'm working on it! :-)

  3. We really like the mango and pineapple flavors of the Smooze. This inspired my husband to buy a special Popsicle maker for our freezer. He made watermelon and mango pops this weekend. Also delightful with gin!