Friday, October 22, 2010

Crunchy or Smooth?

Are you a morning person or a night owl? An exercise lover or exercise hater? Chances are answering each of these questions required little thought. Most of us fall into one of the 2 categories. It’s not so much a matter of what you want to be but what you are. I would venture to say the same is true of peanut butter or “nut butters” as we now inclusively refer to them. The world is divided into “crunchy” and “smooth.” While I don’t dislike smooth peanut butter, I can’t for the life of me understand anyone choosing it over crunchy.

I was reminded of my place in the crunchy camp recently when I tasted the most delicious nut butter, Nuttzo. Nuttzo brings crunchy to another level. There are all different kind of nuts: hazelnuts, almonds and brazil nuts. The peanut free version also has flax and chia seeds. This makes it a “multicrunch” nut butter with all different flavors and textures in every bite. Two studies, one by Murakami et al and the other Cassady, connected crunchy foods with increased satiety. If we apply this to nut butter, crunchy may be the better choice when it comes to weight management.

If I am going to go smooth, it’s never for an average peanut butter. I happen to enjoy Peanut Butter and Co.'s Dark Chocolate Dreams which is now available in squeeze packs. . This is unbelievable on an apple. Peanut Butter and Co. also makes a spicy peanut butter called The Heat is On. This makes a great dip. These flavors may distract me from their “smoothness” but I’d be open to tasting crunchy versions.
Another peanut-free great tasting, crunchy option is the Natural Crunch Sunbutter . Sunbutter is used in many schools, has a nice mild taste and is made primarily from sunflower seeds.
Are you smooth or crunchy? Do you think there are peanut butter personalities? What is the stereotypical “crunchy” or “smooth”? And what is your favorite nut butter?


  1. Most of my life I was a crunchy person. But now I eat nuts at least once a day anyway. So on those very rare occasions that I eat nut butter I go smooth - loving that silky texture on a teaspoon as a 'lollipop' or as a spread.

  2. Love the idea of peanut butter personalities. Could be fodder for a fun blog post over at my place :)

    (Oh, and I'm crunchy all the way!)

  3. I like both, but prefer crunchy (I like crunchy on pb&j, but smooth on celery).

  4. Unexpected people like the Handlers in both camps. I find that wishy washy. Aidan, my theory is that each couple should have a crunchy and a smooth. I would've predicted you a crunchy. I think we can use a few foods and develop personality profiles around them!