Friday, October 1, 2010

Rainy Day Rations

It’s raining today in NYC and with the exception of a brief break on Wednesday; it’s been raining off and on all week. I’m usually more than happy to put my complaining hat on but the rain bothers me far less than it once did. A couple of incidents are responsible for this. First, in 1998 my husband and I were married on what may have been the rainiest day of the year (possibly the decade). It was the year of El Niño. We lost electricity while we were getting ready. In order for me to leave the inn where we were staying for the car, I had to be covered in a giant trash bag, body bag style, and be carried out the door. The funny thing is, the rain didn’t bother me and we have some fantastic wedding pictures, umbrellas and all. Then, in 2002 I was gearing up for the NYC marathon. Myles was a few months old and so training runs were carefully scheduled and practically carved in stone. When it came time for our 20 miler, the weather gods were not cooperative. I woke up and looked out the window at the pouring rain. I checked to see if the run was cancelled. It wasn’t and we did it; I’ll never forget it. I ran 20 soggy miles with my now dear friend Meg. We still talk about it.

Unlike many of you, I have grown to like the rain. I don’t love my frizzy hair or the lack of taxis but I don’t complain. This morning, after dropping my boys at school, I headed to Central Park. It was peaceful and quiet. I didn’t bring my iPod  in  the rain but  had a great 8 mile run, retracing part of the route Meg and I ran 8 years ago. I arrived home soaked and a little chilled andstarted up the tea kettle and water for oatmeal. My oatmeal of choice is usually The Silver Palate “Thick and Rough Oatmeal.” I put some sliced, fresh ginger in the oatmeal water, added the oats and after about 8 minutes a couple crushed walnuts. When the oatmeal was done I looked in my pantry and spotted an unopened jar of lemon curd. I added a tiny spoonful of the lemon curd to the oats.

By this time the tea was boiling away. I realized I had a box of Tea forte’ tea I had purchased as a hostess gift yet absentmindedly forgot  to take to the hostess (sorry Erica). Today, I decided to make the mostess of the teas and used one of the White Ginger Pear silk infusers. If you haven’t had this tea, you really have to. White tea is good for your immune system but the taste is the real draw. These are some of the most delicious, intensely flavored teas I’ve ever had.

They (whoever “they” are) say rain or your wedding day, or is it rain in general, is good luck. This strikes me as something crafted in order to make rain-haters or sad brides perk up. I say these oats and tea forte felt pretty lucky and I hope it rains again tomorrow.
Are you a rain-hater? Do you have any go to rainy day foods? What do you put in your oatmeal? And what’s your favorite tea.


  1. I will never forget that run! We were also dressed stylishly in garbage bags. I bet that run will always be one of my favorite training memories. It rained so hard it was almost funny. And once it was over what a huge feeling of accomplishment.

    I love a rain run! Anyone can run in the sunny 70 degree weather. Only a running lover hits the loop in a downpour. Go, Lauren!

    And for anyone who needs a reminder that the rain can be fun, walk a 5-year-old in rain boots to school. Splash! Hahaha! Splash! Hahaha! Surprisingly great way to start the day.

  2. i remember when i taught third grade. it was raining a late spring rain, the windows were open...all of a sudden i said, "let's go run in the rain!"...and we did just a quick loop around the front of our school. we came in, sat down and laughed and smiled and i said, "let's do it AGAIN!" so we did.

    did i ever tell you one of the reasons why i didn't come to your wedding was your inclusion of "black tie"...and i thought to myself, "i am so out of my league...i can't go to that wedding"...little did i know garbage bags were involved...i could have handled that! :-)

  3. Your dedication to following your marathon training (especially on wet and rainy days like today) over the last 4+ months have left you well prepared to have a fantastic race next weekend. Best of luck in Chicago!!

  4. What do you use the organic pumpkin for (in the back of the photo)? Also, as much as I loved this post, I thought it might be a gateway into something (A LIST--I LOVE YOUR FOOD LISTS!) a little bigger. I crave creamy, more fatty foods in the fall and winter....what are your comfort foods? I know you don't eat the mac and cheese or the cheesy potato soup. Tell us what chilly days put you in the mood for that is both comforting and healthy, too! Sorry, but oatmeal and tea do NOT count (although that recipe break down for the oatmeal sounded delicious and I will surely try it!)