Thursday, December 20, 2012

Solutions to Holiday Problems Including Puffy Eyes

We’re closed next week and you know what happens right before you go away? Well if you’re like us, you start to lose it. As we outlined our December newsletter, holiday music coming our of our ears (nothing against holiday music), we joked about the 12 days of Christmas which morphed into the 12 days of Craziness and here you have it. For time’s sake I’ll work backwards. I suggest singing out loud it’s sort of stress relieving you know the tune

On the twelfth day of Craziness, Foodtrainers gave to me
A gift certificate for January Foodtraining
Peace of Mind” for patience waning
Oloves for the plane delay
Safslim so weight wont stay
Gluten free cookies for Santa ho, ho, ho
Pure Aloe Force to help me “go”
Hangover Tonic for after “highs”
Green tea ice cubes for puffy eyes.
Raw Reserve for portable green juice
Newtree for my sweet tooth
Astragalus for Immunity

The green tea ice cube tip came from our friend Valerie, founder of Odacite’ skincare. Odacite uses only the best ingredients (all organic no paraben nastiness lurking) I’ve mentioned them before in a skincare post. Recently, they sent out a fantastic email that Valerie gave me permission to repost (condensed a bit).  I love the combination of topical and nutritional solutions for our eyes which Valerie explains is the first place to show signs of aging (no kidding) so it’s important to start caring for eyes early. Find your eye issue and corresponding solution. Personally, I’m a puffiness/sagging hybrid.
Fine Lines, Crows Feet, Sagging
The Cause: UV rays, wind, cold, heat cause inflammation and diminish skin's elasticity. Repeated expressions (smiling, squinting) form creases.
Odacité Solution: Evening primrose, jojoba, and olive oils to hydrate and maintain flexibility. Pomegranate to support the skin’s underlying structure. Blue Green Algae contains powerful antioxidants hat will stimulate the renewal of the firming tissues.
Nutrition Help: Include a variety of brightly colored fresh fruits and veggies in your diet for a blast of antioxidants
The Cause: The skin around your eyes is very thin and does not produce any oil making it extra prone to dryness and flakiness.
Odacité Solutions:  Hyaluronic acid attracts and binds water within the cells of the skin to bring instant hydration. Because hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in skin, collagen and other areas of the body it is deeply absorbed with no risk of irritation or allergy.
Nutrition Help: Include nuts and seeds in your diet. One of my favorites is chia, with the highest nu source of omega 3s fatty acids of any seed. Chia seeds are also hydrophilic meaning they attract water.
Dark Circles
The Cause: Genetics, lifestyle, lack of sleep. Also the under-eye and eyelid skin gets thinner and more transparent with age, allowing bluish-red blood vessels to show through.
Odacité Solution:  Tea extracts and Tocopherols (natural Vit E) improve circulation, lessening bluish tones from blood - Aloe to speed healing - Blue green algae for its high Vitamin K content.
Nutrition Help: Eat foods rich in vitamin K, it helps fortify blood-vessel walls. The major source of Vitamin K is green, leafy, vegetables - kale, collards, spinach, and turnip greens are the highest.
The Cause: Fluid pools around the eyes while you sleep but should drain quickly after you get up. Persistent swelling may result from stress, lack of sleep, allergies that cause irritation, or a diet that promotes water retention.
Odacité Solution: Aloe vera to soothe irritated skin.  Calendula to reduce inflammation and redness.  Tea to diminish excess fluid.
Nutrition Help: Drink plenty of water and limit salty restaurant foods, caffeine and alcohol to reduce water retention.
Odacite has a fantastic eye cream for all of your (and my) eye complaints. The Ultra Effective Eye cream is super concentrated, yet very well tolerated by even the most sensitive skin. I contemplated never smiling again, based on what Valerie mentioned, but that will not work so until then Odacite says Happy, puff-free Holidays and is offering a Free eye cream + free shipping with orders above $120 if you use the Code FOODT. Offer valid for 3 days or until 12/23.
Do you use eye cream? What’s your main eye issue? What do you do to ameliorate it? Are you conscious of looking at ingredients in your cosmetics and skincare?
Happy Holidays, thank you for reading. If there’s any topic you’d like to see covered in the New Year, let me know. I’m off to mainline chia and aloe.


  1. You know what? I think eye cream is the one product I've never used. I never seem to get bags under my eyes, even in my WORST state. IT's strange....knock on wood! I do have other issues though, of course. And I can't WAIT to get that hangover tonic!!
    Love the song, by the way :)

  2. either youth or your stellar diet, those are my hunches. Enjoy your dram and your holidays.

  3. I have to try the one for under eye creases. I look too jolly these days!

  4. too many expressions, ha.

  5. Great tips :) . I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. :)

  6. Eye cream-yes please! I like to sleep with a couple of pillows proped under my head to help with eye puffiness. Hubby makes fun of all my pillows :-). Wishing you and your family a womderul holiday season and looking forward to more fun (and thought-provoking!) Foodtrainers posts in 2013!

  7. ooh I only use 1 pillow, am I missing out?

  8. Thanks Ayala, you too enjoy your boys.

  9. Happy and healthy New Year to you and your loved ones . :)

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