Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I say Hello

Image via Verrle Duoh

I suffer from a constant state of “what’s next?”  This even extends to the seasons. I love leaving the office while it’s still light, a good margarita and travel (Croatia-wow); however, you will not find me uttering “last beach day of the season”. Nope, I’m craving a cup of tea, football and cozy sweaters.  I understand you may be sad to see summer go but I’m ok with it. As the Beatles said “You say goodbye and I say hello”.

Maybe I can get you excited for all that fall offers.

Goodbye to weekends away, houseguests and loosey goosey
Hello (Virgo, hand raised) to routine, schedules and some structure which isn’t a bad thing.

Goodbye to watermelon and peaches (not that we can't get anything, any season but enough already)
Hello to apples, so satisfying and versatile. Ever try to nut butter a peach?

Goodbye "its too hot out" and other excuses
Hello to  crisp morning runs, maybe training for a race

Goodbye to gazpachos and trendy chilled soups.
Hello to chili, lentil soup and other “soups that eat like a meal”

Goodbye to summer squash
Hello winter squash and pumpkin (this one is no contest)

Goodbye to adulterated seafood- lobster rolls and fried clams and other foods that prove summer isn’t really all that healthy
Hello to whole foods: salmon and Brussels sprouts and Whole Foods too if you’ve been out of town.

In our family, goodbye to the dart frog Pirate but
Hello to a puppy hmn…

Goodbye to summer reading (I loved The Interestings, didn't love Middlesteins) hello to cookbook reading (Wellfed, 50 Shades of Kale others)

Goodbye to the BBQ (those grill marks are carcinogenic, can I sat that now that it's Sept?) and please let’s say goodbye to the hot dog for a while
Hello to the slow cooker and roasting.

Goodbye to packing your bags
Hello to unpacking the pounds 

Goodbye to skin cancer (I’m knocking wood)
Hello to the Little Book of Thin  now available in preorder, you can say "hello" to this more than once.

Goodbye to "I'll do it after Labor Day,"
Hello to starting now

And hello to all of you, it's been a nice blogging break but looking forward to writing, connecting and hearing about your fall plans.
Which “fall” items above are you most excited about? Do you prefer summer or fall? Do you think focusing on “what’s next” is a good thing or a bad thing? Have you ordered your copy of LBT?


  1. focusing on "what's next" can be a good thing- gets you excited and helps you stay positive about the future. This is the planner in me speaking :)

    will miss summer but fall has so much to get excited about! for me, fall marks the beginning of a "fresh new you" (probably because I'm used to going back to school in Sept) looking forward to pretty fall colors and crisp morning runs.....and apples of course :)

  2. Andrea@WellnessNotesSeptember 3, 2013 at 6:22 AM

    I love summer because I am off from teaching and get to spend a lot of time with the kid. But fall is nice, too. I'm looking forward to cooler weather, slow cooker meals, and lots of soups.

  3. Andrea, miss "hearing" from you. I'm not anti summer at all but we have to psyche ourselves up for fall, right? "The kid" makes me laugh every time.

  4. thanks for justifying my not quite ADD. Impatient or positive, I say positive. Ooh fall colors, forgot about those.

  5. i do prefer summer because i really do hate being cold, and i really prefer all those great summer fruits, but here goes a list of great fall/winter things:
    -taking a super hot bubble bath
    -pumpkin everything
    -honeycrisp apples
    -not looking crazy when i order a hot drink at starbucks (i do this all summer but just deal with the strange looks)
    -i second the soup comment, never liked cold soup.
    -not doing camp laundry (no sleepaway yet).

    -not having a house full of sand all the time

  6. Love this post! And that picture is awesome for actually having the lyrics to the song written like that! For the most part, I think I prefer summer, but that said, I love fall and the "back to school" enthusiasm I get for projects. I'm also a big fan of soup and roasted-anything. And don't even get me started on the return of boot-weather! I cannot wait to get into mine! Wow, that's a lot of exclamation points...Guess I really do love fall.

  7. I went to sweaters but boots, super exctied...though maybe now that I think of it I need new boots? Apples are so much more affordable.

  8. you see? even a summer lover can say hello to all things fall. Love a honeycrisp but saw an instagram with this apple that's pink on the inside, I am now on the hunt. I love hot coffee in the summer too, iced isn't the same. Sadly for me, your sand is my snow all winter in VT.

  9. I've always loved fall best out of all the seasons. I simply can't wait for the weather to change and the leaves to start falling!
    Like you, I'm always ready for the next season and the next change. One of my favorite things about living in the Midwest is the fact that the seasons actually do exist, and change happens throughout the year. I love it!

  10. A puppy??? Surprised no one else has asked about that one yet :-) Although I love all the seasons, fall is probably my favorite one of all-I love all the back to school, getting (re) organized w/ the kids back in school, and, yes, the fall colors too...hello,orange! I have eaten the "pink inside" apples-tastes like a Granny Smith and so pretty. Naturally, now that fall is almost here, we are finally having our summer weather...nothing crisp about it!

  11. "50 Shades of Kale?" Hilarious.

    I prefer the fall for sure. Goodbye to the air conditioning which I am not a fan of, and hello to my nice jackets. A bit scared about winter but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

    I've ordered my copy! Looking forward to the LBT.

  12. I much prefer apples over watermelon but I def would pick a hot day over any fall day! Great post! Boots are the best part of fall!

  13. thanks for stopping by. While I like hot weather we've had sticky for about a week so cool and crisp is sounding pretty good. I'm with you on the apples.

  14. we'll get you through a nyc winter Ameena, even better jackets then! Yes, 50 shades of kale fun book (my kind of fun).

  15. and EA nobody liked the name gluten, can you believe it? Ooh what are the pink inside apples called?

  16. exactly, seasons are best especially for the impatient ones, not saying anything but we like change, right?

  17. I love this ..goodbye and hello, nice list. Congratulations on the book, I can't wait to read it. I love the cover too. :)

  18. thanks ayala, missed your kind words...speaking of have to pop over and read what you're up to.

  19. The ones I get are called Pink Pearl!

  20. I shared your post on my Facebook and let my friends know that they can preorder your book. :)