Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Top 10 Things We Learned in Sun Valley

This past weekend Carolyn and I took Foodtrainers on the road and headed to Sun Valley, Idaho for their Harvest Festival. It was a fantastic event in a beautiful location. Here are some of our favorite foods and facts from the weekend.

We learned from fellow food trend panelist and author of Cooking Up A Business (Rachel Hofstetter) that you need to hear about something from three different sources to consider it a food trend.

We learned that LA folks were right Intelligentsia coffee is pretty great
We adored Velocio coffee, coffee bar by day, wine bar by night), a cool concept. And dont even get us started on Noosa Aussie Yogurts.

We learned about the next great sushi roll: smoked trout and mustard at Ketchums 2nd Ave sushi. This may be the new Philly roll especially with Sun Valley mustard

We learned that we like molecular gastronomy done right  (definitely hadnt had it right before) and the magic of liquid nitrogen. We enjoyed Intermezzo of lemon basil sorbet, would’ve love more if hadnt been the palate cleanser after foie gras (not our thing...) For a taste of lemon-basilyness try this Giadaesque smoothie 

We learned that if something doesnt exist on the market, you can produce it yourself. Allison Evanow saw a need for organic spirits and started Square 1 organic vodka
Her cucumber, basil and botanical flavors tasted pretty good at the Martini and caviar party at 8000 feet in the fabulous Roadhouse restaurant. We loved the pour your own shot bar, no mixers required.

Butternut Squash and caviar mini tacos
We heard from an adorable woman who was saddened she didn't bring her Vitamix with the recent SV fires. The Vitamixers mom is 97 and healthy as ever, juicing and smoothing her whole life way before the trend

That hemp can be used to make hollandaise sauce, thank you Glo café
And that fab couple Mike and Autumn from Manitoba Harvest? Love them.

We learned it's best not to wing it mapless when you start a hike
But if you do, wear your Fitbit (20,000 steps = x miles?) and bring a camelback

We learned an arnica massage and a Bowl of Soul (coffee, spice and chocolate) no whip from Java coffee hits the spot after.

We learned of the Restaurant Walk concept as the new pub-crawl. We hit 18 restaurants for their offering of the day: goat cheese and watermelon skewers and organic grilled quail (in photo Carolyn is showing her quail fear) were highlights. Two other facts: you should always seize the opportunity to sit in back of a flatbed and its ok to be pill poppers: Digestive Enzymes and Zyflamend when needed.
So we learned a lot and enjoyed ourselves but would love to hear from you
What do you see as the next food trends? What are you hearing about? 
The winners from last week's giveaways are:
Ginny Bakes Cookies- Nina
Heath Warrior Chia Bars- Amber
Veggie Gos-Emaliah
Thank you for entering everyone.


  1. hemp can be used as hollandaise!?!? always more to learn. For foods, I think molecular gastronomy and at-home sous vide is to come. Love how you learn and always share with the rest of us :) thanks!

  2. Cute post! Looks like fun. I love the idea of food trends and I think it's really neat to watch them from inception to mainstream. Chia seeds, for example are definitely on their way! I was on an email with several other bridesmaids getting ready for a bachelorette party and someone wrote (OK maybe jokingly but still) don't forget the chia seeds! Previously that was one of the things I sort of hid in my purse while traveling, afraid someone would think i was totally out there.

    Digestive enzymes? Interesting. Would love to hear more about those.

  3. I think chia has arrived, love that chia seeds are a wedding weekend packing staple.

  4. yes, hemp oil hollandaise, how about that? funny, we just got something in the office about sous vide...wasn't on my radar.

  5. ah this was such a blast, loved reading it thanks again. you forgot we learned not to drive wth a minivan's doors open xx

  6. I know how did I leave whitey off the top 10 list, you did notice I didn't "relearn" that part, was all you!

  7. Not sure why my job doesn't take me to cool places like Sun Valley? Looks beautiful. As do you in that picture.

    Can we have lunch when you have time? Preferably somewhere with squash tacos? Looks delicious.