Thursday, May 29, 2014

Who Inspires You

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Maybe it’s all the Super Soul Sunday I watch or the motivational newsletters I receive; whatever it is I find myself feeling oddly appreciative lately. And since I’m usually the first person to point out when someone is full of it, annoying or scary, I figured I’d write a positive post.  I’m starting to realize that for every anti-smile, pretentious girl out there, there’s someone pretty amazing.
Some of these ladies I know first hand are awesome, for others you can just tell.

I’m inspired by:
There’s nothing better than funny and nobody I find funnier than Chelsea Handler. Let’s not forget the business she’s built and the books she’s written. And then there’s my friend Jena who’s also a writer and a stand up comedian. Who decides to rope off Starbucks or can make a workout sound this funny?

Sure there are professional athletes but I have a few in my midst. My friend Sarah Stanley does things like this “in 2009 completed 13 races, most notably a 100 mile ultra marathon, a 24 team relay, 3 full marathons and one half marathon- all within 5 weeks of each other. She also updated her progress via live updates to Twitter and Facebook.” Or Tricia of Food Matters NYC who periodically sends me emails like the one I received yesterday. “Something totally ridiculous like this race interests me. Have you found an Ultra that interests you?"

So yes, I wrote a book and love to write but don’t have a method or training. This week I had the pleasure of hearing Anna Quindlen speak about her latest book. My friend Aidan asked her if she had advice for rookie authors. She said “butt to chair” just put your butt in the chair and “just do it”. The inspiration comes when you’re writing. Speaking of Aidan, I’ve never said this but I think my courage to write LBT came in part from watching and reading about her journey writing her first book.

I’m realizing more and more as my kids get older how tricky this parenting thing is. I’m reading a book called the Conscious Parent by Dr Shefali Tsabari. My friend Ameena has a fantastic blog and I love that she never sugar coats the parenting journey. She also moved her family across the country, takes great trips and works really hard. And while often I find photos upon photos of children overkill, I love Alysa’s. Aside from taking beautiful photos, her love for her children shines without the bragging that so many parents succumb to.

Gorgeous and More
I know, I know looks shouldn’t impress but looks with charm and brains do. We just saw the movie Blended. Drew Barrymore looks fantastic and real and adorable and she’s 40 or almost 40.
So who inspires you? And what qualities do you find most inspiring? 
Maybe give a shout out today. When I emailed one of my friends and told her about this post she said, “that’s the nicest email ever”.


  1. love love love this post. my list goes on and on but if I had to choose one, Sheryl Sandberg. Such an inspiration and supportive figure in encouraging women to reach their goals and dreams and also making room for more women to sit at the table.
    And of course (duh), I am surrounded by those who inspire me and my support system at FT.

  2. Good one J, funny I had you guys on my original list but thought people might find it "enough already" that we all love/inspire each other here.

  3. I love that you mentioned Dr Shefali Tsabari. She voices a lot of my own feelings about parenting. I loved watching her on Super Soul Sunday because finally I found someone that feels the way I do about really seeing our children. Who inspires me? my children inspire me. The Pope inspires me. He possesses humility and kindness and those are qualities that inspire me. On the news I saw the Pope kiss the hand of a holocaust survivor, I thought that was such an incredible gesture. Maya Angelou inspires me, a woman that lived her life on her own terms and inspired millions of people.

  4. I am so honored to have made your list. Truly Lauren! I really admire you - someone who juggles parenthood, career, family, and manages to visit some really amazing countries on top of it all. Oh, and who manages to look gorgeous at all times too! Thank you my friend for mentioning me...reading this just started my day on a whole new note.

  5. And thank you Ameena. I am amazed at how so many have said a mention on this most lifted them. Maybe we all need to be more vocal about our friends/colleagues who we admire, right? See you soon.

  6. Ayala I was going to mention Maya Angelou but I always feel a little insincere when I learn of someone/read about them only after they pass, does that make sense? You admire your children, I love that.

  7. :) Thanks....And for me I always admired Maya angelou. My son saw her when he attended Duke University and he called me right after to share how inspirational she was. I first read her work when I was a teenager. :)