Monday, May 25, 2015

The whole "dad bod" thing

Have you heard the term dad bod? I had heard rumblings but I looked into it further when Kaitlyn Bristowe (the latest Bachelorette) remarked to my beloved People magazine that she didn’t want a mate with the “dad bod”. Even as someone who feel looks matter and fitness definitely matters my “uh oh antennae” activated.

OK so first this “dad bod” term. Dad bod is said to be coined by college student Mackenzie Pearson. At least she’s credited with it but she also says her friends had been using the descriptor so I can’t be sure. Who really cares? What’s interesting is that “dad bod” refers to a man “with a nice balance of a beer gut and working out.” Basically, a guy with a normal body. I cannot even for a minute imagine if “mom bod” was used. I think of mom jeans and a total backlash “this has nothing to do with having kids” etc.

As usual, I digress. The truth is I think dad bod has been widely accepted for a long time. Washboard abs are not on many women’s list of requirements especially if you are in a relationship with a “dad” and I mean married or just in a long-term relationship (not with your dad, someone else’s dad etc.).  If I’m speaking personally (and my husband has never been overweight, very active etc.) a) that “I spend my life lifting weights” look isn’t my thing and b) would any woman seriously want all that goes along with a guy who is more neurotic than you are? No thanks, I've got that covered.

So the dad bod concept isn’t new. The dad bod is actually a step up from what many men (over 25) look like.  If I’m dreaming I wish men would come out and say “we don’t like a woman with a super flat stomach, perfection is not what we’re after”…but that would require I go back to sleep and dreamland.

What do you think of dad bod? Ladies, single and otherwise, do you want washboard or dad bod? Do you think says something that Kaitlyn doesn’t want a guy with a dad bod? Please tell me you knew who Kaitlyn was. And guys do you like women saying that chiseled isn’t crucial or do you even care?


  1. I once had plans to make plans with a guy…until I found out that he spends 2+ hours in the gym every day, with workouts before AND after work. I am totally into the dad bod, though calling it that makes me giggle a little. I find I'm most attracted to guys who are in shape because they enjoy being active and who are in touch with their hunger/fullness cues. Those super-chiseled types can be a bit much, especially if they're the type who whip out their phone at the bar to show you how they track their macros. All depends on the guy, of course.

  2. Ha, only we can judge- 2 hours at gym pre and post work screams obsessive/I love myself but MS RD just degrees, right? Dad bod sounds so unsexy. You have me giggling thinking of you asking guys about their hunger cues. Hope you're well. Nice NY Times quote

  3. Yep, both read this in my People & then heard entire discussion re: "dad bod" on Today Show. Natalie M stated that she did NOT want her hubbie to have "dad bod." Then, it morphed from dad bod to yep, mom jeans & mom bod. Was discussed that while majority of women prob love their spouse regardless that men prob don't really want wives w/mom bods. EEEKKK!! I'm cringing as I type!! My husband has been overweight most of our marriage & then lost it all few yes ago. Wow!! He was smokin HOT!! Made me feel worse about myself because while he lost I hit menopause and GAINED!! 😕 now he's starting to gain a lot of it back & I will say, I prefer him to look like he did w/out the dad (we don't have any kids) bod. Does that make me vain?? I don't think so because I love him no matter but for me @ least flat is preferable to flab. 😐 and yes, I'm working out, dieting, etc like crazy so that he will have something attractive to look @ too. 😁

  4. Thanks! And re: hunger/fullness cues— you'd be amazed (or maybe not?) how often that kind of stuff comes up! People love to share their deepest, darkest dietary secrets. Instead of the usual, "So are YOUR parents still together/how many siblings do you have, etc?" it's like, "Bread is evil. Gluten is the devil. Oh, hey, I'm gonna have another beer."