Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Should you be apple cider vinegar-ing?

Today we sent out our Monthly Morsels newsletter. May’s topic is what we call Ferm Foods (fermented/probiotic…too many syllables). We are Ferm freaks at Foodtrainers.  If you’re wondering what these foods can do for you, here you go.

One of our Ferm faves is apple cider vinegar (ACV). It seems there’s nothing ACV can’t do. While we remain leery of food miracles tied to ingesting any one item, we’re fans but have our limits. We’re not washing our hair with it (yet) or curing our foot odor (Foodtrainers don’t smell). Instead this ferm food slows the conversion of carbs to sugar and stabilizes blood sugar.  And if this didn’t resonate the benefits of better blood sugar include more energy and less excess sugar stored as…you guessed it fat.

Not sold? ACV is also great for seasonal allergies, gas and constipation.  And seems counterintuitive but ACV and ferm foods reduce reflux (or GERD). There’s also interesting information on ACV and Lyme. 

Of course all vinegar isn’t created equal. We like this ACV- first it’s palatable. Also, your ACV should be cloudy and not clear. You want “the mother” present which is that goopy stuff (where all the goodness exists). How much? Don’t go crazy- 1 Tbs. before breakfast diluted with water (if you like your tooth enamel) and a squeeze of lemon works. Going to twice a day is fine too.

And be careful sugar and especially fructose (fruit sugar) can undo the work ferm foods do, with summer nearly here be careful you don’t overfruit.
Do you ACV? Do you use it at meals or solo? Does your bottle have a mother?


  1. Is it bad to have fruit right after ACV? I had an apple with bfast right after my water with ACV and I was wondering if the sweetness of the Apple was undoing the effect of the ACV.

  2. good question, if anything acv pre fruit makes sense. Studies on diabetics showed that front loading a meal with ACV reduced postprandial (after meal) blood sugar. Just watch total fruit in a day, ok?

  3. We had the opportunity to verify the blood sugar regulation benefits at home. I put ACV in everything, from vinaigrette for our family greens to my own "drinks". I find it works great pre-lunch too, and combined with a little Wakaya Turmeric.

  4. interesting johanne, studies done with diabetics so it's legit but I love the "real life" proof.

  5. I'm still sticking to one fruit a day!