Friday, July 22, 2016

My take on a blue latte AKA the Hillary latte

Yes, not a great photo I'm aware
I recently read about a blue latte created at a Melbourne café. I was intrigued. My intrigue transformed into frustration at the thought that I couldn’t try this concoction. And if I’m being honest, I couldn’t Instagram this pretty drink. Twenty hours later I was drinking a blue latte.
I learned the blue was from a blue green algae E3 Live. I am a fan of E3, I’ve written about it, sold bottles of it at Foodtrainers but there was a problem. E3 live is best in shot form, it tastes like sh!t. I would make a blue latte but I didn’t expect to enjoy it.
The original blue latte was said to contain E3, ginger, lemon and agave (I may be omitting something). I assembled my line up. Out of E3 at home, I bought a shot (and a pack up shot) at Juice Generation. I put my pacific coconut milk in my frother and pulled out a glass cup. I decided on Wakaya ginger, lemon nustevia, peppermint essential oil and coconut oil.
I put about half the shot in my cup and stirred in warm coconut milk (for some reason it didn’t froth). Blue! I added a half teaspoon Artisana coconut oil and stirred it in. Next came the ginger, drops of stevia and peppermint. I ended up frothing organic half and half for a foamy top layer.
I snapped a few photos and took a sip. It was delicious. Peppermint definitely was the key it’s more of a peppermint blue latte than anything but that beats an algae latte, right?
Cheers to the weekend! Speaking of the weekend, maybe this is a Hilary latte.
Have you heard of the blue latte? Would you try it? Who do you think Hil will pick as a VP?

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