Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boston and Sparkling Ice

Sitting at my desk Monday, I scrambled to contact clients and friends in Boston. I tried to calculate who had likely finished before the horrific bombing and hoped everyone was ok. I texted a friend and prayed that with a day off from school she and her kids were not near that finish line. I didn’t hear back. Were they somehow there or were they unaffected and back to life as usual? Oh what the victims would do for life as usual.

Yesterday, I received this:
First of all I suck for not texting you back, cell service was junk last night. All OK, thanks for checking in. On a lighter note, ran into Stop and Shop this morning. I know gross but needed paper towels etc. On my way in noticed display of Sparkling Ice flavored seltzer advertised “natural flavor” on front. Grabbed two and as I was going through checkout read ingredients-lots of crap incl yellow #6, 7.  I told the troll at checkout I was not going to take them. She incredulously asks “why? they are soooo good” Told her I am not that into food color.  She proceeds to rip me a new one. I also had 2 Chobanis, she starts reading the ingredients and mocking me she says, “this has locust bean gum, better watch out for those locusts.” 

Let’s see who’ll win this battle at the register:

Somehow I envision the rude register person has to have bad make-up
Sparkling Ice
I already knew Sparkling Ice’s dirty little secrets as I had looked into as mom at school told me buying it by cases (and no. for better or for worse I didn’t circle back and tell her she was chugging carcinogens). You are much better off drinking seltzer, Herbal Water or good old water. This is one of those wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The site has images of fruit inside of ice cubes and it’s zero calories! Contains antioxidants! And uses natural flavors!  What could be bad? Well a lot.
Carbonated Mountain Spring Water, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Potassium Benzoate (to Ensure Freshness), Gum Arabic, Sucralose, Green Tea Extract, Ester Gum, Yellow 5, Biotin 1% Trit. (Maltodextrin), Niacinamide (B3), D-Calcium Pantothenate (B5), Vitamin B12 0.1% (Mannitol), Vitamin D3, Pyridoxine HCl (B6), Blue 1.
I want to thank Sparkling Ice for making me laugh. In this gathering of nasty sweeteners, mutagenic dyes and decorative vitamins it’s always good to have potassium benzoate “to ensure freshness”.  But why only parentheses for that ingredient, we could have fun indicating why they're all there.
So well done Bostonian, this product should stay at Stop and Shop.

Locust Bean Gum
To be fair, what about locust bean gum?  Did Stop and Shop bossy pants have a point? Is my friend eating bugs? Thankfully there are no locusts in locust gum it’s made from carob tree. It’s a thickener often used as a fat replacer. While the skeptic in me would say this doesn’t need to be there, a little fat is good when it comes to dairy I would mainline the stuff versus sipping Sparkling Ice.

It felt good to laugh and I’m grateful that I’m able to; I realize for the families’ affected will be some time before any lightness returns.
What do you think of the exchange above? Was it the cashier’s place to comment on the Sparkling Ice? Have you seen/tried Sparkling Ice? Have you been fooled by a healthy sounding product? How carefully do you read ingredients?


  1. I think it's sad, but I do find that I have to read the ingredient list on pretty much everything with a fine tooth comb (and, pretty soon, probably reading glasses). I've seen that Sparkling Ice stuff and I stopped reading at sucralose. Although I wasn't surprised that it wasn't good for me given that it's got all sorts of colors. Water should be clear, although I suppose there are some natural and perfectly fine food colorings out there. I just stick to seltzer, Hint, or Metromint. Or, you know, tap water.

    I do love my Chobani though, so I'm glad to hear that locust bean gum is not going to kill me! (But the plain Chobani does not have any in there so if you have any question, it's still fine to have plain yogurt with some honey or fruit or granola on top...or even dark chocolate, or peanut butter, the possibilities are endless there. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!)

  2. I just wish chobani wasn't all nonfat/ as a yogurt it's fine but doesn't feel very Greek yogurty.

  3. Thank you Lauren! I thought, like the mom you mention, that Sparkling Ice was OK. An excellent reminder that nothing beats plain old water ;-)

  4. there are some healthy and "fun" waters but we need to read ingredients, all the label claims can fool us. Hint/Herbal water good.

  5. I have seen it but I never tried it.
    My son and his girlfriend are doctors in Boston. I was losing it on Monday when I could not reach him. His girlfriend was at the finish line the day before and i didn't know if she was working or if she was at the marathon. Thankfully they were safe and my son was working at the Emergency Room helping the injured. So devastating all the stories coming out. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Boston.

  6. Just was at a family gathering in Boston and saw this and tried to read the ingredient s but it was dark. I get ill effects when there are additives so I tried and there didn't seem to be anything of concern. When we got back to hotel which was about hour and some later I told my husband I didn't feel well shaky ,dizzy and sick to my stomach. I gave up drinking 9 years ago so no I wasn't drunk. I puked 1/2 the night and googled this product . Too many additives I knew it its what always happens. So stick with water add cucumber or lemons fresh and organic if there's money to be made they don't care about us the buyer. So please Beware .

  7. So without actually knowing what was in this drink had I began to drink at least 2 bottles a day because they are provided to us at work, as soon as I finished the bottle I got a awful headache and the false sense of having to use the restroom. Along with that my boyfriend noticed that I would become anxious and agitated easier when I am usually very sweet and calm to him. since I have lost weight due to heavy exercise drinking Sparkling water made me feel bloated and just all around awful, so I looked up what it contained and it actually had a chlorinated sugar which caused all of my symptoms. I have quit drinking them since them and am back to regular old water better to be safe than sorry. I don't recommend this at all.