Thursday, April 11, 2013

Five Pounds

Image via the tech savvy Carolyn Brown

I have a deep side. I worry about important things (they will come to me soon) but like my shadow, my “shallow” is always with me.. For most women a few pounds in either direction can make a difference, more of a difference than it should. I am convinced that these weight shifts are noted whether you're in college or in Congress There’s the positive side of this, a few days of clean eating can result in feeling lighter and de-pooched, improved. The downside is that a couple extra pounds can do the opposite.

What five pounds means to me:
Top of the Range (or my range) the real danger zone.  As a slim, 5’3” person my top number may not be high but trust me I am not feeling good. I could find myself here in winter or when I’m hormonal or a little sloppy. I know the world will not come to an end (from this anyway) but at a "5" I'm thinking about what to wear a lot more, I'm not tucking in and may feel lovehandle-y. I think much more about my weight when feeling off my game than I do when all is good.

Three pound below, mid range, is where I spend most of my time. This is what is referred to as UBW or my usual body weight. This weight has not changed since I went through puberty. I am generally fine here but it all depends on the quality of workouts, hydration and how organized my diet is. I can be totally fine or just “fine”.

"1.5 "
I’m under my UBW for important events, when I cleanse or when I really go into the full court “weight”press. I know as well as anyone that I don’t always stay here; drastic doesn’t last.

Below this 5-pound range takes grief, a potent stomach bug or a bikini (and a bikini around other people not just my family). Here I feel I can conquer the world, which is so wrong but hey is a couple of pounds shed hurting anyone?

We all have our weight numbers and some have larger ranges than others but there’s still the danger zone, an "ok" place and bathing suit weight as evidence that a few pounds can make a big difference (at least for me). 
How much does your weight change or swing? Can you feel the difference in a couple of pounds? Does it bother you if it does (meaning does it bother you that a small shift affects you)? 


  1. I think when I get on the scale and I weight a couple pounds more, I typically feel icky because I'm bloated. I know the weight isn't normally fat weight, it's bloat weight, so yes.....I don't feel right, and I definitely think more about what I'm going to wear! But of course I can't tell my friends that because they just laugh at me. You know..I'm "the skinny one, what do I need to worry about?!". Ugh
    Thanks for posting this Lauren! I definitely feel you!

  2. I hear you Gina but I think skinny/heavy we all have these good days/bad days and weight thoughts, right? There's the sentiment that thin people can't relate but I think the same mental anguish or confidence spans many sizes.

  3. Such an interesting post! I never really thought to break down the 5-lb range this way. Even though I'm really small and probably "should" be able to feel a shift in a couple pounds at 4'11" I rarely do. If I do feel that shift it's because I'm either feeling PMS-y and a little bloated or just getting over a stomach bug or something that leaves me feeling a little depleted in general.

  4. Lucky you? I notice, I also think our bodies respond so quickly to eating that clean eating vrs saltier/more restauranty eating can make a big difference.

  5. This is your passion no doubt, you are a foodtrainer :) It's good to have this range. I used to be alarmed at a gain of 5 pounds...I still am. But as I got older it's been harder and harder even though I am very active. It's complicated. :)

  6. Love the honesty of this post, per usual. If I'm honest with myself, the 2-3 above my UBW is not the happiest place. Like Gina below it's probably because it's bloating/corresponding to other un-fun things, but as a petite person myself it just seems to make a difference (love your point about tucking in, so true). Funny thing is I haven't really gone below my UBW and I think if I did I would initially be a little worried... I guess I'm just not very good at "drastic." And I'm also not ever on TV :)