Monday, November 25, 2013

You need this for Thanksgiving

As the word has started to spread about LBT, I have had a handful of people mention “I have a book I want to write” or “I started writing something but…” and the truth is although this book is happening, we all have projects and bucket list items some daunting, others annoying that we postpone. In our office, we’ve made lists of “food first aid kit” items for clients to bring on trips. Teas to combat “plane puffies” or fibrous foods to deal with ahem “vacation constipation” but oftentimes I worry whether clients will have time to gather their supplies before departure or if our snacks and supplements will be packed when there is dry cleaning to pick up, transportation to arrange etc.

With serious help from my fellow nutrition nerds we’ve developed our Foodtrainers' Food FirstAid Kit filled with everything you need to make it through Thanksgiving travel (or any other travel) unscathed. I am so excited about these kits as they've been on our project list for way to long. Whether you're traveling by plane or my car, you'll can have your nutcase if it's taking a little to long, a cup of deabloating tea after that holiday meal. From jet lag to leftovers (turkey on a GG cracker perhaps?) we have you covered.

But if you’d rather pack your own you can simply buy the kit I heard from a client who was stuck and used the kit as a clutch when away for work, they’re pretty cute.
I  cannot help you with overbearing relatives but snacks and nutrition “ammunition” that we can do.

And instead of facing the holiday with dread maybe think of a project you’d like to finish, a book you’ve been meaning to read or get started writing that book… Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
Do you pack a “Food First Aid Kit”? What do you bring? And any healthy recipes you’re cooking for Thanksgiving?


  1. I don't usually carry a Food First Aid Kit, (my travels are usually not a good time to "trim") but it looks like I may need to from now on.....have to admit, when vacaying with the family, fiber is not on their minds. GG and cocochia would be lifesavers..

  2. Haha, I am totally a "BYO food" person...less because I'm concerned about healthy eating when I'm traveling and more because I'm just particular. But really, there's no reason to eat junk just because you're on the road or at someone's house who doesn't share the same, uh, food choices as you. I often bring nuts for a long car trip, and frequently tea bags for a hotel stay (they have coffee makers in there that you can use to make some hot water), and of course a big water bottle. No need to buy bottles of water all the time just to stay hydrated. Hotel gyms usually have a water cooler so I fill up there. We normally make a stop along the way and can get some fruit salad or cut up veggies.

  3. A fellow BYO food person, love it. Especially "no need to buy water bottles to stay hydrated" amen.

  4. OMG they have EBOOST in this kit?? That's the best energy drink ever!

  5. Jess @ Keeping It Real FoodNovember 25, 2013 at 2:49 PM

    I always pack a little kit for my suitcase or purse. Just about the only place I don't do that is when I visit my parents, since my mom eats and buys a lot of the same stuff I do. She actually commented yesterday that she needs to stock up on chia seeds! I was so proud :)
    If I bring food when I go visit them, it's usually a weird new ingredient for her to try. This week I promised to bring some black garlic.

  6. We totally agree Tom.

  7. As with every year, I'm SO THANKFUL I don't have to travel for the holidays! So, my first aid kit is a bit smaller; I definitely take magneisum everyday, but I also have Beano (duhhhh), lots of water, chia seeds regularly, and even some Nuun tablets for better taste so I actually DRINK my water!
    HAppy Thanksgiving Lauren.

  8. I am a lunatic about packing my own snacks - of course this thanksgiving way home i failed but generally nuts, fruit, a bar and an eboost (at least)! I've been known after working at FT to bring my own avocados and always a glass water bottle. Of course my snacks always seem to vanish, family members need to pack their own FFAK's !