Monday, February 24, 2014

I don't take a lot of vitamins but always take this

I love a good green juice and enjoy taking healthy “shots” but when it comes to vitamins you may be surprised to know I take relatively few. If I can get a nutrient via food in a reasonable manner, that’s what I prefer. Some nutrients are difficult to get via diet and that’s why Evening Primrose Oil is one of my dailies.

Evening Primrose Oil contains a few types of fat,  the one it is known for is GLA (black currant seed and borage are in the same category) It’s a good (anti-inflammatory) omega 6, I know, I know it’s confusing. The important thing to note is that in many people the conversion to GLA is lower than others

Evening primrose is used for:
Skin: for conditions such as eczema and psoriasis but also for dry, itchy skin. Interestingly GLAs are found in breast milk and it’s been suggested that infant eczema seen after switching to formula may be because it lacks GLAs (please don’t ask me about EPO and infants).

Hair and nail health: EPO can slow hair loss (more so in women for some reason) and improve hair texture.

PMS symptoms- women with PMS symptoms often have imbalance of fatty acids and low (or undetectable) levels of GLAs.

Weight- in addition to GLA, Evening primrose oil (EPO) also has type of fat  (linoleic) found in safflower sunflower seeds that is linked to body fat loss.

I take the capsules from Barleans (1300mg total) 2/day but for serious skin conditions it’s suggested to double this amount.  These are organic EPO which isn’t easy to find. It’s suggested to take EPO (and most supplements) with food. Be patient though, it can take 8 weeks to really see a difference although I have to say in my first month taking EPO I noticed dry skin (backs of arms) and hormonal symptoms (pain/cramps) better. I think some studies that have concluded EPO wasn’t effective simply because the study duration wasn’t long enough. You can get GLAS from a couple of foods such as oats and spirulina…while spirulina in in my cabinet; it’s hard to consume enough. I don't know if everyone should rush out and start EPO but if one or more of the items listed above (skin, PMS) need addressing it's worth a try and can make a big difference.
Have you heard of EPO? Do you take vitamins? What are your dailies? 


  1. ok leaving the office to go get this for every reason listed... the new supersupp! i am on a b-max, sibu, omega 3, D drops kick right now... but off my game since traveling and totally feeling it. Time to "spice" or prim it up.

  2. Hi Lauren , it sounds like it's good for Psoriatic Arthritis ?

  3. For the hair health alone I think I should start taking this. Will definitely look for this next time I'm at the store.

  4. I think it's one of those supplements that once you try it feel better in a multitude of ways. Let me know what you think Lisa.

  5. more evidence with RA (rheumatoid) but then again beneficial for psoriasis so it's interesting Ayala.

  6. totally don't have PMS for the most part since taking, spice it up/prim it up.

  7. I get a lot of hormone-related migraines (definitely a PMS symptom although I don't have other symptoms usually). So I wonder if this could help with that. The only supplement I take currently is vitamin D, because my Dr told me that my levels were low - common here in the northeast I guess. Sounds worth it for better hair!