Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beckham’s Bee Panacea: Yay Or Step Away?

We’re slacking. We pride ourselves on being  on the front lines of nutrition knowledge and yet when Harper’s Bazaar asked for thoughts on Victoria Beckham’s sought after supplement I hadn’t heard of it. Bee Panacea hmn. Panacea is a bold statement. I think we learned from Dr Oz that we have to watch our overly enthusiastic language when it comes to nutrition. So we’re introducing a new feature called Yay or Step Away? I can’t take credit for this, one of our clients included this with a query (and I promptly told her I’d steal that slogan).
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OK back to the bees
What the heck is this? It’s a blend of superfoods (ginger and goji berries and spirulina). Here is the full ingredient list from Virgin Raw Foods:
Raw Royal Honey, Organic Maca, Organic Cinnamon, Goji Berries, Reishi, Bee Pollen, Astragalus, Organic Spirulina, Organic Chlorella, Propolis, Organic Ginger, Ginseng, Organic Schizandra Berries, Royal Jelly, Chaga, Shilajit, Cordyceps, Ormus

I’ll admit, I’m normally more of an a la carte girl when it comes to my diet. I use cinnamon, spirulina (be sure you’re signed up for our newsletter, more on this one Monday) and bee pollen regularly.  However, when I scanned the ingredient list looking for evidence to indict these panacea people, I was pretty impressed. So I did what any reluctantly curious person would do and shelled out over 45 dollars for ingredients I already own.

The claims: with my panacea package came a little chart showing how the different ingredients help with everything from digestion to detox. Words like “adaptability” and “longevity” led to eye rolls and sighs but I persevered. I opened my expensive jar and found an unattractive, brown paste. This may have been off putting if not for the scent which is sort of spicy from the ginger and cinnamon. I tried it (straight on a spoon) and liked it. It has a sweetness that we thoroughly enjoyed at the end of our sugarlessness. The reports that it tastes like chocolate… I think that’s a stretch.

I’ve been using a tsp. from my jar in the morning before a workout and find it’s the perfect little something. I also traveled with this last weekend and liked having a portable source of my superfoods. Even for me, there’s a limit as to how many supplements to schlep. I’ve also added this to smoothies and tea.

Ok, I know you’re waiting for the big reveal. Am I suddenly taller, thinner and ageless? Of course not. I think the notion that additions to our diet produce dramatic results is sort of silly.  You can expect a product that’s anti-inflammatory, a bonafide bloat beater and a great travel tool. In our very first yay or step away, I’m going “yay”. Don’t worry we’ll have fun with many “step aways” in the future.

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  1. Definitely trying this! Great blog and thanks for testing this for me. Love almost anything ginger or cinnamon! Assume you can find it at a health food store or whole goods?

  2. Amy- happy to test drive anything for you ha! I haven't seen at stores so Amazon, the Virgin Raw site are your best bets. If you do see it sold, let us know.

  3. love yay or step away please ask us, I am happy to test, especially in the snack department.. :)

  4. love that graphic J, Carolyn has a yay or step away for next week.

  5. So...this YOSA comes at a good time because I am VERY curious about EPIC BARS.

  6. Lauren, you mention using it before your workouts. Is it because of the sugar contents? How much of it is ok when trying to lose weight? Also looking forward to hearing about more #YOSA products - great idea!!

  7. I'm not a big pre-workout "eater" so I find the 25 calories/B vitamins a nice little something. It's low in sugar if you stay to the 1 tsp too. Ask away #YOSA will be fun.

  8. Carrie- you want to find out if they are "epic" after all, happy to answer this one. #Yosa