Monday, May 23, 2011

NYC Trainers' Top Toners

Memorial Day is a week from today. Last week I presented my tried and true Pre Beach Tips. The only exercise mention was to exit the elliptical or ratchet up your cardio. For today’s post. I contacted some friends of Foodtrainers for their advice. These exercise gurus are at the top of their field. We asked each of them for their #1 Pre-Beach move. Try doing each of these daily.

Brynn Jinnett is the owner of Refine Method in NYC. My clients rave about Brynn.  Brynn is a Harvard-educated, former NYC ballet dancer. Her clients have included Kelly Ripa, Ivanka Trump and Barbara Walters. She suggests:

Half-Kneeling Resistance Band Chop:
 Attach a medium weight resistance band to a high sturdy object, such as a door or tree. Assume a half kneeling stance with your right foot forward and left shoulder in line with the band. Grab the band with two hands and tighten your abs and gluts. Keeping your hips still, chop the band diagonally down to your right hip and then slowly release back to your starting position. Your shoulders will follow the movement of the band, but your lower back and hips will remain stable. Perform 10-12 chops and then switch to the other side.

Gigi Barlowe-Marsh is a fantastic NYC based trainer. Gigi and her chef husband John Marsh are also the founders of my favorite chocolaty snacks The Real Bar.  Gigi selected:

Squat Push Press with Medicine Ball
This squat push press with a medicine ball works the gluts, quads, hams, shoulders, triceps, and can be cardiovascular if done with intensity. It is a well rounded, full body exercise that can be done with a 6 to 12 pound medicine ball depending on your strength and ability. 
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a medicine ball (or other object if you don't one) in front of chest with elbows bent next to body. Squat down, keeping weight over heels and ball in front of chest.Stand up explosively, extending arms overhead; keep elbows close to ears. Do 10 to 12 reps

Genevieve Morritt’s clients adore her. She’s more than a trainer she’s a support system (with a killer sense of humor). Genevieve said "2 tiny muscle groups that can spruced up before you hit the beach are adductors and abductors. Jane Fonda is back."

Side-Lying Hip Abduction
Who doesn’t want a quick inner thigh spruce? This modified leg lift works the gluteus medius responsible for the lift at the top of the glut in a way that squats can’t. Do two sets until you feel the burn! Runners, this will provide your hip stabilizers with a fine-tuning to increase speed.  
This is not Genevieve in the photo

Amie Hoff is a Fitness consultant who developed FitKit. Fit Kit is great for travel and Fit Kit Golf is the perfect father’s day present. Amie is launching FitKit50+ next month that focuses on balance, stability and coordination. An avid athlete Amie is about to do a century ride with Team and Training in California in honor of her sister (go Amie!).
Squat Jump with Clap
Stand in squat position with butt back, knees behind the toes. Jump up with explosive move and clap feet together. Bend legs as you jump for more challenge. This move is great because it works every muscle in your legs, even inner thigh. And the added bonus is it gets your heart rate up which makes it a great calorie torcher.
These are great exercises and exercise you can do away from home as well. If I had to choose pre beach exercise I would probably suggest the old reliable push up or plank pose though I liked something Brynn said, “You can't out-train a bad diet; mindful eating is the best training move out there. Another trainer friend calls it the Table Push-Away.”
What are your favorite exercises? Will you try these? How about the Table Push-Away?


  1. don't forget about rupa mehta's nalini method. it's fabulous, i'm kind of obsessed. and in pain, the best kind of course ;)

    i have heard great things about refine method all over, so i must try it soon!

  2. I am obsessed with the Refine Method and I love Brynn. She is so knowledgeable about what exercises are most efficient at burning fat, and her workouts are great fun.

    Planks are one of my favorite exercises. They are a great whole-body workout.

    I also agree that a good diet should be in place before any toning move is going to demonstrate an effect.

  3. All great moves! I simply use hand weights for toning, although I would love to eventually get a medicine (and have a home gym!)

  4. I'm so bad at motivating myself to do weights/exercises - if it was up to me I would run all the time.

    These exercises look interesting though - especially the hip one. After a particularly fast run, my left hip definitely seems to feel it the next day...I'm sure if I did more strengthening it would help

  5. I am a big Refine Method and Brynn Jinnett fan! I can promise that those resistance band chops really work!

  6. Dori - I couldn't agree with you more - you turned me on to refine and I love it. Great post, Lauren. Will I see you at refine one day?

  7. Cameo- you will see me at Refine for sure. Dori, I'll try those chops until i get to class. Rach- I love pigeon pose for tight hips and Geneveive's suggestion does losen them. Erin, medicine balls are great, can use while watch TV (no home gym required). Mom at the barre seems we're on the same wavelenth with plank. Sofia- adore Rupa but been doing Figure 4 at Pure Yoga. Great comments.

  8. Great tips! I should buy a medicine ball. I have used one in classes and just love it!
    I love using the bosu..for push ups, squat jumps, etc. It's a great workout.

  9. Kristen- agreed the bosu is fantastic piece too. You can do so much with it, if it weren't for storing it.

  10. i LOVE bikram yoga! you feel fantastic afterwards and you see results quickly. only negative is the time commitment.

  11. I'd really like to try barre work and will try to find a place in Dallas...good goal for the summer.

    But really, it's the table push-away that I need to do the most. Why is saying no to food so hard?

  12. I love barre workouts. The table push-away is essential, too! :)

  13. Thanks so much for sharing these really great tips. It's always good to hear new moves because I do sometimes feel my body is used to my usual routine at the gym. I'll be adding some jump and clap to my squats from now on!

  14. So totally agree that you cant out exercise a bad diet. I think diet is key. That being said though, I love finding fun new workouts to make my body stronger. I love the squat jump with clap! Cool idea! I think my favorite excercises of the moment are deadlifts, chin ups and squats. Classic but awesome! oh and cable chops. Those destroy me!

  15. The only exercise I do enjoy is yoga...1 hour daily...okay, almost...except Monday.

  16. I love looking at new exercise moves. I really need to get a medicine ball! I just know those workouts would help me tone more, and I'm sick of weights and the ab ball. Medicine balls always make me sore, in a good way :)

  17. Love all the exercise tips. I'd love to get a medicine ball 2...I love all-in-one exercises like the Squat Push Press w/ medicine ball. Right now I'm working out w/ free weights and the incline treadmill, plus trying some Pilates (watching You Tube pilates videos!)