Monday, May 9, 2011

Body Bucket List

Back in January, a friend forwarded me one of those chain emails.  While I delete most of these poems and puzzles, there is one type I like or am a sucker for. I like the questionnaires that asks crucial questions such as “coffee or tea?” or “best meal you’ve ever had”.  The email I received from a friend  was entitled “BUCKET LIST” and the instructions were to simply place an X next to all the things you’ve done. Items ranged from “danced like on one was watching” to “watched the sunrise with someone.”

My friend A*, always out to improve things, wrote back with her answers, and said, “I think there should be an add-on, five things not on the list you would have on your bucket list.  I don’t want to divulge her list (though she can if she leaves a comment) but two items resonated with me. One was “hike Machu Picchu” and the other “feel really good in a bikini.” I had the idea a Body Bucket list but have sat on it for months unsure what my five body “add ons” would be and somehow nervous that I had to pinpoint the right items. I’m over my hesitation but do not be surprised if I edit these items at a later date. I'm all for goal setting and challenges (remember how much I love resolutions).

Before I kick the bucket or my window of opportunity closes I’d like to:

1.     Run an Ultra marathon. I’ve run half marathons and marathons. While I’d love to run the Boston marathon one day, the new qualifying times make that unlikely. I have no triathlon dreams but I can run and enjoy it. Ultra marathons vary in length all the way up to 100 miles. I think I could do it…slowly.

2.     Bungee jump or sky dive- while neither of these really depend on my body per se, I’d like to do one or both of them. I am not a risk taker by nature but I like the idea of controlled risk.

3.     Train for and hike something important- I passed on an opportunity to climb Kilimanjaro this year. Marc and I thought about it but the time spent away from the boys (and work) didn’t seem feasible. I like A’s idea of Machu Picchu too and we penciled it in for our 40th birthdays (years and years from now).

4.     Get back on a bike- Marc is training for a tri and said to me “do you know how to ride a bike? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you ride?” I met Marc in 94’ but I don’t think I’ve been on a bike since summer camp. The truth is I was never, even as a child, much of a bike rider. I do know how! I’m going to buy a bike and start riding and will let you know if there’s truth to “it’s just like riding a bike” we’ll see.

5.     Get in the best shape possible- A’s “feel really good in a bikini” resonated with me. I’m not someone with real weight loss aspirations. My weight is pretty stable; I wear a small clothing size and do wear bikinis (though I spend more time with a cover up on, I’m a cover-upper).  I’ve been in marathon shape, I’ve been skinny but I don’t feel I’ve been in the best shape I can be in.  My boys are away at camp for seven weeks this summer. Who knows? Maybe I’ll cross this item off my list.

 Are there any items on my body bucket list you’ve already done? What would be on your body bucket list? Do you have 5 items? 
*A. has appeared on this blog before, she’s a great idea person and jokingly referred to herself as my blog muse. 


  1. I like the thought of this body bucket list. Stretch goals make me better...I'm going to give this some serious food for thought. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

  2. Just wanted to stop by to answer your question from my blog;

    I just don't like merlot...that's why I was glad there wasn't any in the wine!

    As for the recipe, 1 cup milk, 2 cup half and half, 3/4 cup sugar, some vanilla, MIX! Freeze it and then add your add ins. I always add PB and chocolate powder.

  3. Kilamnjaro can be done while the kids are away at camp! Seriously, that's something to consider now that your summers aren't "free" but kid-free for 7 weeks....

  4. Shari- true but I wouldn't feel good being unreachable while kids at camp, decisions, decisions. I have a feeling you'll be helping me with some of bucket list items or suggesting "add ons". I want your list too.

  5. An ultra is ANYTHING longer than 26.2 - standard distances are 50k, 50M, 100k, 100M. I'm running my first this summer (5 days before I turn 30) and it's a slightly long 50k (32.9 miles). You can do it on marathon training! In other can do it!

  6. M- so you're saying my bucket list is wrong? Ha ha. Always felt ultras were 50 and up or double marathons. What race are you running? Hmn interesting I have a Sept marathon planned, maybe a fall ultra? I'm not sure this is "the year".

  7. Lauren, I love your list..I like the idea of a body bucket list even though at first it sounds intimidating. Good luck with your list :)

  8. Ayala, I think you nailed it- I was intimidated before just sitting down and writing a list or starting list. It helped me see what I'd like to do, what I was scared of and what I had already done/did not need to do.

  9. love your body bucket list! i think is would like to hike somewhere special too and do a mud run. now get on that bike girl!

  10. I hiked Machu Picchu last May with my parents and my brother. Though my family has been all over the world, it was the single greatest place I have ever been. The travel to get there is ridiculous (we took 3 planes, a bus, a train, and another bus) but it was worth it. You absolutely have to go! :)

  11. My body bucket list feels so small and lame compared to what others have listed. I want to find an exercise program that I actually stick with. I want to be thin again. That's all.

  12. I love the idea of a body bucket list. On my list for this year was to run a half marathon (done!) and hopefully run a marathon. Still deciding if it is going to happen this year or next, but it's on the body bucket list!

  13. Meredith, wow you're really making me want to go despite the planes, trains and bus. Marie- I think being in a routine and at a good weight is a very lofty goal actually and Melissa- Sept Hamptons go sign up. Who knows when you kick the darn bucket.

  14. Okay my body bucket list is a physical, psychological and spiritual combination ...
    1. Feel great in a bikini
    2. Be as mindful of what I put into my body as I am of my other daily tasks.
    3. Find an exercise program that makes me sad to miss a day of a hard core workout.
    4. When I look into a mirror celebrate my small victories rather then focus on the things I wish were different.
    5. Inner peace.

    I have both bungee jumped and sky dived and they were both incredibly thrilling. The next thrill I am seeking... heli-skiing? Any interest?

    I am looking forward to Machu Picchu!

  15. Hm, this one is touchy for me considering that I have that stupid GSD. I used to want to run a marathon (an ultra-marathon? gurl, you are a rock star!). I think I would like to teach a class - so my BBL would include getting certified as an instructor...of what I dunno. Maybe yoga or Core Fusion or something. Vain as it is, I'd also like to see my abs and fit back in my hot Cavalli dress from 2007.

  16. Thanks, Lauren. I appreciate that encouragement. BTW, a friend of mine spent 2 months in S. America culminating in a trip to Machu Picchu. She said it was life changing. Hope you're still on for Krewe of Muses for my 40th!

  17. I love your bucket list! I had doing a half marathon which I crossed off in December. I don't have any more race goals as of now but you never know.

  18. "A" totally doing MP with you, not sure I can heliski though. I would do it but hate to kick the bucket for my bucket list. Marie tell me by "krewe" responsibilities again: when, what (the where I know).

  19. This is a good one! Jaime bought me a bike 9 months ago and it is still hanging out in our apartment because I have been so afraid to ride it in Chicago traffic--so I would add that to my "bucket list". I would LOVE to ride to and from work! Also I am currently doing a workout challenge that goes from May 1- July 1 at my barre studio, 4 barre classes per week plus 2 cardio sessions per week, must tweet results, eat right and drink lots of water. Never thought I would be doing a challenge EVER, but its great motivation and I like being accountable by tweeting if I went to class! I am a swimmer, and there is an amazing lap swimming section of Lake Michigan right by where I live. I would love to get in the OPEN water once a week before work, too!

  20. Wow Carrie, I think you out-bucketed me. Great goals. I do recall a hot yoga month you did (bikram maybe?) a ways back. Six workouts a week is fantastic, maybe you can do a post here about the experience. Accountability is key. I cannot even believe you'd do a Lake Michigan swim before work, if you do that you're my hero forever.

  21. Thanks for the encouragement on my blog today! I am thankfully starting to pull out of my funk and the encouragement from you and my other blog friends has been so helpful! :) This is a great post! I could probably write a whole book on my body bucket list items. My body never ceases to amaze me with the things it can do that I never thought it could, so I'm constantly setting goals for it. Off the top of my head, here are a few things that would be on my list:

    1.) Become a great swimmer (learning to swim was something I've wanted to do my whole life and training for this tri, I have finally done it, but I now need to perfect it! I wanna be awesome at it! Fast, beautiful form, etc.)

    2.)Complete a triathlon (in progress)

    3.)Run a 1/2 marathon (for some reason I have no aspirations to run a full. A half will do me just fine!)

    4.)I'm with you, sky dive, bungee jump, or both

    5.) Go hiking on a real mountain

    6.) Go skiing

    7.) Actually place in a race

    8.) Be in the best shape I can be in (this includes washboard abs which are something I have never had no matter how "skinny" I have been. It's my trouble zone for sure and I'm determined to conquer it).

    9.) Finally reach a place where I wouldn't change a thing about my body.

  22. Andrea, love this list. I'm with you on the swimming, I'd love great form. Ooh" be in a place where I wouldn't change a thing about my body" lofty but a great one.

  23. What a great post, Lauren. I love the idea of a Body Bucket List and I'm going to bring it up with my group fitness class tonight. They could use a new motivational tool. That said, here's mine:

    1. Take up a yoga practice for once and for all. I KNOW it will help me with #2 below.

    2. Complete a second marathon (injuries have held me back on 2 attempts).

    3. Do a multi-pitch rock climb (this one is more brain training than body. there is no giving up when you're up that high.)

    4. Take a long trip somewhere exotic powered solely by my body, aka, my bike.

    5. Stop worrying about body measurements. I am at a point that I don't have to. The only measurement I need to track is my performance.

  24. Natalie- great list. Multi-pitch climbing sounds serious (and scary) you're awesome. Less body worry is always good.

  25. Machu Pichu is at the top of my bucket list. I would love to conquer some other mountains too. My husband did Mt. Kili this past fall which is funny because I'm much more of a hiker than he is. No ultra marathoning for me. I've done half-marathons, but my hard running days are over d/t too many running injuries. Right now, I'm trying to run 1 day a week in addition to my other workouts. It was really great to be able to fun a 5 K w/ my daughter this past December, so I'd like to be able to run more short races with her in the future.

  26. My friend and I were just discussing this on Saturday! I love the idea of calling it a bucket list and making a list of fitness and physical goals!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  27. Interesting reading this now. . . just this morning while on a walk (yes, I only walk--no jogging) I thought of my memory's version of a comment you made at ILI's post about her baby's 2 month marker. You mentioned wishing adults were that motivated about what they could accomplish in two months. That has stuck with me. I'm not ready to announce a physical goals bucket list, but I am inspired to make one. Thanks for the perspective!

  28. Amy, thanks for stopping by. Clearly, you called me on my goal setting fixation. I think the bucket list, body or otherwise, can take time to write. Keep it in your head and record items as they pop into your head.

  29. I love thinking about this. Here's mine:
    1. Swim more so that I can one day (in the distant future) complete a triathlon.
    2. Run a fast (for me) half marathon--around 1:50
    3. More yoga. I'd love to be able to do side crow with ease. Maybe even go on a yoga retreat.
    4. Pull-ups
    5. Feel better in a bikini

  30. Great list Betty. Ooh side crow is a good one and love retreat idea. And I've never been able to do a pull-up, is that something you can learn?

  31. Only a little wrong, and more achievable than you think:)
    I'm running the finger lakes fifties:
    And I'm running San Diego on June 5...

    I just ran the last 10 miles of a 50 miler as a pacer for a friend who is an amazing ultra runner - you can check her blog out for some more inspiration, too:

  32. Okay, been thinking on it for 24 hours. My rather humble list (I don't want much):

    1) "Michelle Obama" arms
    2) 6-pack abs
    3) A sub 9-minute mile in any race
    4) A perfect Pilates Teaser (held for more than a second)
    5) AIDS/Lifecyle 7-day bike ride
    6) Join you at Machu Picchu

    I better get busy...

  33. What a great idea!!! My bucket list includes something a little odd. I would love to know what being pregnant is like (all you moms stop laughing!! Problem is not sure I want kids!) as a doctor I see tons of pregnant women and have delivered a few babies...never ceases to amaze me!

    For now will add an ultra marathon, learn to surf and triathalon, have done the sky diving (amazing) and a few marathons. However, there are many days I would trade my rock hard abs to know what it feels like to grow and bring a baby into the world.

  34. Great idea! Thanks for sharing us the list!

  35. These are perfect activities to enjoy and to take into account all of them when I decide to get an exciting experience like that, thanks so such for sharing.

  36. Ahh what a great one. I add things to my bucket list frequently. But I love your idea to hike Machu Picchu. It's such a beautiful place that everyone should see!