Monday, January 13, 2014

My Advice to Brooke (Shields)

About two weeks ago, I was on Today talking LBT. Brooke Shields was guest hosting and she really was as nice as can be. When I arrived and saw her clutching her copy of my “little book” it was awesome. Even better? She told me she read the whole thing. Yes! So we did the segment and it was a lot of fun. My “I think that went well and I never think that” moment was cut short when Brooke pulled me aside. In her whispery voice she said, “loved the book but it’s sooooo hard to do everything” she was clearly distressed. I reassured Brooke “you don’t have to do everything just pick the pieces that speak to you.” She hadn’t thought of that.

Since them, it’s been a great feeling to hear from my friends, clients and readers I didn’t know before that they are putting LBT to use.  One of my friends I’ve known since preschool emailed:
So my mom gets your book, proceeds to follow ALL of your advice and has lost 8 pounds since 12/31.  She's been cooking with quinoa and sprinkling hemp seeds and making your recipes.  She ordered e-boost and omega 3's and miso.  She's totally on board with your plan, even using the treadmill to break a sweat instead of just going for a walk.  How great, right?
And as I boarded the train from a Westchester book signing I received this
I have to say I'm a bit obsessed with LBT.  Last week, a review was pushed to me via Health Magazine.  I read it and immediately downloaded it to my iPad, devoured it (no pun intended) and started it the next morning. In fact, I bought a hard copy so I could easy flip back to parts and have been stalking Lauren and "Foodtrainers" on the web. I've been on LBT it for less then a week (following it to a "T"-- not grazing or picking the kids scraps is the hardest!) But it has worked-- 4 lbs already and a refocused mindset.   In addition, I have my husband following the plan to get rid of the Holiday 5 and to
jumpstart his health. I hope this wasn't TMI but I had to share.
Love this graphic via Juli Novotny/Pure Mamas blog about LBT
TMI? Never but I got an equal thrill when my brother in law, at the LI rainy signing, said “Laur- what’s this that I can’t have a bagel?” I explained the reasoning behind my no list. He left Whole Foods with sprouted bagels, amazing.

Look, I sat down with the Sunday paper yesterday and “52 Places to Go in 2014” immediately pulled me in (I’m all about the Travel and the Style section, sorry). And within seconds a feeling came over me- I’m lucky if I hit 1 of the places mentioned. Chances are Albania and Ecuador and Southwestern Dominican Republic would never get ticked off my travel list. And no matter how many tweets and interviews I do about the book, I get the feeling of not being able to do it all, see it all, tackle it all. And what should you do if you feel this way? Just do something. Find whatever your sprouted bagel or “picks of kids scraps” is and focus there.
What do you do when feeling overwhelmed? Are you a “follow to a T” person or more of a tweaker? Which of the 52 places would you like to go?


  1. 4, 27, & 38 are at the top of my list. Love what you say`"Just do something". I am definitely more of a tweaker & LOVE the food prep advice in LBT b/c that's one of my week spots. Bummed I polished off the last of the Miso Broccoli Quinoa Salad for lunch yesterday. Need to try those avocado mung bean brownies next!

  2. I totally agree about just taking whatever you can from a book like yours! I think that most authors of this type of book don't intend for most people to follow every page to a T, but to be able to pick up the "tweaks" that work for them. For me, reading a book about nutrition would be some preaching to the choir, but I would certainly learn a thing or two. Not all of it would work for me, I'm sure, but I'd pick what does. Not everyone likes quinoa or kale, but maybe they will like a green smoothie, or vice versa!

  3. It must feel amazing to get these emails Lauren! And sprouted bagels? Talk about success.

    I'm a follow to a T kind of person. Sometimes this proves to be a weakness.

    PS: I hear great things about's supposed to be beautiful!

  4. I hadn't seen the Today Show segment yet. Great job!

    I like the advice of doing something and picking what speaks to you! And I certainly have picked up bits and pieces from your book (but I also already followed a lot of it before reading it...). I think if I wanted to lose weight, I would try to follow it to a T... Even "just" maintaining, I do pretty much everything you suggest. :)

    Glad you are getting such positive feedback! It's a great book!

  5. Thanks of all your support Andrea, I realize our approach is so similar. Even with that, love that you enjoyed the book versus feeling "heard all that before". You'd laugh my fitbit went missing and I fully freaked yesterday.

  6. Thanks Rebecca, hope all is well- have you read #LBT?

  7. really? Intrigued me as we adored Croatia. You seem to be working so hard Ameena, turned into a true new yorker.

  8. I don't know Jen sounds as though you haven't read LBT yet. It's not really preaching to the choir, even for Andrea above, I promise.

  9. Try the dressing too (thinIgette) so simple but really good. Funny you seem like such a menu planner, how can that be done without prep? I have to see the list/where you want to go will go check.

  10. I have my copy all tabbed out with my favorite recipes and items to buy. I am easing myself into everything. If I do anything completely "cold turkey" it is an instant fail for me. I have managed to keep fruit down to one per day, have reintroduced sweet potatoes into my diet, and the kitchen is indeed closed after 6:THIRTY ;) One thing that I have been really good about is not letting two days go by without going to the gym or doing something that is CHALLENGING. Thanks, Lauren. This book is life changing for me! XO Carrie

  11. Lauren, I got your book on kindle yesterday, read the whole thing, went to whole foods last night (stocked up on green tea, fish, omega 3 and vitamin D (the 3 things I didn't currently have in my diet), and started the list of 10 today. Thank you so so much for making professional nutrition advice so accessible, approachable, and fun. I also really appreciate your help mentally preparing for pitfalls - some of these were so obvious (like not doing finances in the kitchen at night - DUH - stressed out in the kitchen, of course you eat more!) but I know so many people who do them. I'm finishing my third year in law school and portion everything for my daytime meals (meal prepping)but get totally derailed by the"witching hour" after dinner - and justifying it b/c I'm "studying." I know I end up eating so many more calories than I think I am b/c I'm not paying attention to the food. I'm now anticipating this threat and making changes!

    As for the places to visit, I'd love to make it to Croatia, Tanzania, and Nepal - maybe not all in one year!

    Thank you so much again!

  12. I too read the whole book and right from the start, I was pleased that I was doing half of these things already! If I form just a few more good habits, I think I can follow this pretty closely. I'll be making my first focused LBT grocery trip this weekend!

    Also, how's this for meant to be: I bought Barney Butter on a whim exactly one day before finding and reading your book :)

    Thanks so much!