Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Weight Equivalent of Drybar

Thankfully Carolyn Brown AKA onesmartbrownie or my right hand wo-man took the blog reigns today. I’m more of an eyelash junkie but we’ll talk about that later…

Can I tell you a secret? I’m a Drybar junkie. “Half cosmopolitan, half southern comfort” all while sipping on fruit infused water? Yes please. You just can’t recreate what happens there, not to mention I’d rather not risk a stay at the burn unit via curling iron. Drybar makes me happy- ok, drybar makes my hair look good which makes me happy. Same with Soul Cycle (yes Foodtrainers office is a soul:flywheel battlefield). It gets me spinning because you know in the freezing weather none of us are going for long runs outside. Forget about riding a spin bike solo.

So maybe you want to lose some weight, go gluten free, lower your cholesterol or improve your energy. But if “consistently healthy forever” sounds like a steep, scary request, we get it. The nutrition equivalent of better hair or a better sweat is Foodtrainers Food-stalking. Outsourcing is the new willpower.

It’s no secret (unless you have yet to read #LBT, what are you waiting for?) that we’ll have clients email us when the “kitchen is closed” or have them #TIDEI (tweet it don’t eat it).  Stalking is more serious as we find frequent check ins work wonders in the name of weight loss. “Use me” is not a phrase I am blabbing in other areas of life but clients who “use us” get great results.

Apps cannot talk back on a personal level, but we can. Our stalking program lasts 3-week (21 days) with daily check ins; think of it as a shorter (and slimmer) leash. You will stalk us and we will stalk you too.

From you, we expect to see a daily food journal by 9pm. From us, you will receive a daily trim-down tip, along with food journal feedback. Stalk your self skinny - You’ll feel and look better – and feel free to instagram the results like I do my drybar locks. Email us for pricing info and to get started at Stalking session starts Monday and already 20-something stalkies, you don't have to be in NYC or a Foodtrainers client.
What do you outsource/which areas do you need help with? Are you app-inclined when it comes to food? Ever stalked or been stalked (kidding, maybe)?

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