Monday, January 5, 2015

Wakaya and Whipping

For us, January 5th is the real start of the year. We’re back in the Foodtrainers’ offices and sent out our  We’re Ready To Whip You (and you’ll like it) newsletter. About the “whipping”, we developed a Whipping Week (to whip everyone back into shape not like that…) and let’s just say it’s only been a few hours and many of you want a whipping.

As much as I liked cracking the whip Carolyn bought us from Pleasure Chest (Pleasure Palace? I forget but I do remember learning whips are pricey 60-something dollars?) there’s something else I’m even more excited about. Sure, it says a little about me that I’m dying to get to the office because this has arrived.

I travel with this (for some reason flight attendants are always curious and I reluctantly share).
You can add  Wakaya ginger or turmeric to smoothies, oatmeal, bone broth or cocktails but really straight up is how I take it.  It’s great for immunity and inflammation and it tastes great. Carolyn and I think we should really go to Fiji to ensure that production standards are up to snuff, we'll bring our whip.

I think what’s clear is that we all like a little newness for the New Year. Out with the old (I had my first colonic on New Years Eve to make sure this happened. My ER doc client lectured me).
Anyway blogging and teatime are over, off to crack my whip.

Are you doing any new for the new year? New workout or food regime or attitude? So you want to be whipped? Email us at


  1. Nice :) Ginger is always helped me with inflammation. Happy New Year! I hope 2015 is magical for you and yours.

  2. Great post,Lauren. I'm not a turmeric fan but love ginger. Now I will try golden milk! Have you changed your recipe?