Monday, January 12, 2015

Top 5 Healthy Movie Theater snacks (if it were up to me)

As I sat through the worst half hour of movie previews yesterday, my mind wandered. My mind has a few favorite places it wanders to but this time it went to food. I thought about movie theatre food. While my kids will get something from time to time, either when I’m not there or when I choose to ignore everything I know, I don’t really think about it. For my book, I tackled sports arenas and airports and many places that trip people up with food choices. I contemplated the movies and ran the idea by a friend who said, “I think if people want to lose weight part of that means saying no from time to time.” I’m pretty sure her wording was a little meaner but it was a good point.  Just for kicks though (interrupted by my son saying, “who is that guy, I have never seen him before?” Sean Penn) I contemplated my dream movie concession stand.

I know some theatres have real food now but I’m not a fan. First, I am against anything in a theatre that smells. And let’s face it, it’s total darkness and the ultimate in mindless eating, you don’t need a full meal. I’m sticking with snacks and beverages.

  • Popcorn- movies and popcorn seem to make sense and Quinnpopcorn is amazing. The Foodtrainers’ theatre would have their popcorn popped in coconut oil even though my heart belongs to smoky cheddar. I just worry about the scent issue (I have a thing about smells).  Ignore the blue bowl, there would be tubs (recycled) but in normal sizes.

  • If you’re not a popcorn person but like some crunch, I’d try these Snip Chips. I’ve always loved parsnips and these come in fun flavors. 
  • Chocolate- of course there has to be a chocolate component. There are a ton of healthy chocolates but I don’t like the idea of a chocolate bar here. My movie chocolate needs to be more snacky. I’d have Sweet RiotChocolate covered cacao nibs. It’s ok to eat the whole tin.

  • Beverages- I’m sure it’s no surprise that there’s no soda happening if I’m making decisions. There are also no plastic water bottles either (something I’m almost as against as soda…almost). If you want those monster-sized cups I suppose we can have filtered water in them (and Strawesome straws). I’m really thinking kombucha. As much as I like a cocktail, I think I’d be asleep before the movie starts.

  • Since we’re talking sleep, we may as well have a coffee bar. Almond milk cappuccino or some bulletproof action?
And I can’t be the only one who contemplates the “cleaning” of the theatre. If you’re like me I’d spritz a little Clean Well (available for purchase before you take your seats).

In case you’re wondering we saw American Sniper. My son had a crepe and I had a Sin-o-bun from Juice press before we went to the theatre.

What’s your favorite movie snack if life had no rules? What would be served at your dream concession stand? Have you seen American Sniper? Did you watch the Golden Globes?


  1. ha! how was american sniper? i am contemplating the book, but i don't know if i can read it. is it rah-rah killing? i love popcorn at the theater, and i always pop my own and bring it. to be honest, though, i eat A LOT of it. no butter but salt. did you get yourself a whirly-pop yet? you can totally use coconut oil, but i usually use olive oil only because i don't have the temperature figured out for coconut oil. i usually bring lacroix. and to be honest, i don't really wish for anything else.

  2. I rarely go to the movies, I usually prefer to watch at home in my PJs...and with snacks of my choosing! I also am anti-soda so I prefer a nice cup of tea or something. The biggest problem with the movie theater candy/snacks is the portion size - no one needs to eat that giant box of raisinettes. I'm also anti movie theater prices so when we do go, I'm not above stopping at CVS first to buy cheaper and reasonably sized M&Ms for the kids and maybe dark chocolate for me. Or just the tea. We don't need to be snacking all the time.

    I'm with you on the smells. I don't need to know what everyone else is eating.

  3. New resolution for me: if I'm not eating mindfully, I don't eat it at all. Case in point: cinema. I'm there to watch a film, not eat. Take my water. Sit and enjoy.

  4. Love it, mindful or not at all.

  5. portion- absolutely as if needs to be enough for a whole film eating the entire time.

  6. American Sniper was riveting. It definitely stayed with me. So much more about PTSD than war per se. No whirly pop yet just cook in a pot stovetop much of them time, will whirly change my life?