Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shiny, healthy hair if you eat this

This morning I was emailing with a writer about nutrients and foods for healthy hair.
My pet peeve with nutrition articles (not the one I’m contributing to of course) is if they lead readers to believe adding 1 random food will produce a major effect. When I’m devising plans for Foodtrainees, if we’re looking to say boost omega 3’s I’ll suggest multiple sources. So if you’re like me with meh hair after a harsh winter (for me it’s likely just as much bleach as winter). Here’s the answer.

HH Salad (Hair salad sounds nasty)
Brussels Sprouts (great if you can buy shredded, Trader Joes has) if not slice thin for salad base.
Red or yellow bell pepper
Hard boiled omega 3 eggs or salmon or both
Pumpkin Seeds
Walnut Oil
Apple Vinegar

  • Brussels sprouts and peppers are high in Vitamin C that boosts collagen that surrounds hair and keeps it strong.
  • Eggs and salmon are high in biotin. Biotin creases hair growth and overall scalp health. They’re also good sources of omega 3’s  the natural oils that keep your scalp and hair hydrated. The walnut oil is another omega 3 source.
  • Pumpkin seeds have zinc, which regulates hormones in the body that affect hair growth and helps maintain production of oil-secreting glands on the scalp that help your hair grow.
  • Eggs and Brussels also have iron. There’s a connection between iron levels and hair loss among women.

What do you do to keep your hair healthy? Do you notice a difference between your diet and hair health?


  1. The salad sounds really good! And if it makes my hair healthier, even better! :)

    I try to eat as many nutrients as I can by eating a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, fish, and some meat. I can't say I have noticed what makes my hair healthier. In fact, I was losing quite a bit of hair a few months ago, and I just couldn't figure out what was going on. Luckily, it stopped.

  2. I've always had super super dry hair (I have a Japanese straightening perm..eek secret's out) but I haven't gotten my hair done for almost 1.5 years. I have been taking my omega 3s daily for about 6 months and it has actually really helped. Not only hair but skin too. I've used millions of hair products to find "the right one." It used to be leave-in conditioner, hair milk, hair mask, everything you can name... Now I spritz a few sprays of macadamia oil to combat the little fly aways and I'm all set. Thank you omega 3s!

  3. This sounds like a good salad - always looking for new lunches to take to work so this is worth a try. Foods I already eat fairly often, just not in this combination. Question - I eat a lot of brussels sprouts but almost always cooked (sauteed, roasted). How does the cooking process change the nutritional profile of them?

  4. Eat protein since hair is made from it. :)

    You can take vitamin E supplements for healthy skin, hair and nails or vitamin B12 which is important for hair growth. Some people take Biotin pills and that seems to help. Try using avocado and banana hair masks once a week, that made my hair grow.

    Also, use a product called Pro Natural’s moroccan argan oil after each shower. It helps a lot and it’s a heat protectant. It prevents dry ends. Their shampoo and conditioner is equally good because it's sulfate free so it makes hair healthier and softer. You can get some online. Oh and get trims, just little ones at a time a few months apart so you don’t get split ends.

  5. Hi Carla, being healthy overall is also an important factor for fast hair growth.

    Pro Natural’s brand is a good one because it's not greasy and you just use it after a shower as a leave in. They have an argan oil shampoo and conditioner - both sulfate, alcohol and silicone free so they're much healthier for your hair.

  6. Hair salad-love it!!! I'm due for a trip to the beauty parlor, and i'm pretty sure my hair is dry from chemical "blonding", but I'd love to try your hair salad recipe anyways, plus a shot of the Siby sea buckthorn you're always talking about. Bottoms up!

  7. Stick to a healthy diet, drink water and don't stress.
    Take vitamins E and B12. argan oil because it has double the benefits of coconut, almond or olive oil, so it's really one of the best products out there. You can get it online. This brand also has hair
    masks, shampoos and conditioners with argan oil (sulfate free) that will help your hair to grow out strong and healthy. :) Truly recommended!

  8. Thanks Wendy, I'm not a proponent of vitamin E supplements because they can be a mixed bag but will definitely check out the hair mask company, what is it called?

  9. one day we'll do healthy shots. Yes EA I say I'm unprocessed inside and sadly processed on my crown. Any chance you're in SF for Clif bar?

  10. Love it carla, I take biotin when I feel i'm in a stage I need it. High biotin worries me because iffy findings about it and insulin. Love the avocado mask idea. Many of the nutrients for hair too (iron, zinc, biotin) are found in higher protein foods so good/easier rule of thumb. My colorist did note that moroccan oil not great for blondes b/c color of it almost dulls lighter hair color. I was surprised. Guess we have to balance health and "beauty"

  11. Lauren@foodtrainers.netMarch 21, 2014 at 4:18 AM

    Mab a good reminder- yes I am picking out some key nutrients but we only ever want to do the specific things (and expect a result) if the basics of our diet and habits are in check. And agreed, diet first supplements and topical products later. Thanks for your comment.

  12. I just think cold Brussels are a nice alternative. I love roasted veggies but can be lots of oil and salt to make them really good! And you can make this salad or pull some of the ingredients and make them more regular if they aren't. Actually my favorite combo has been kale with melted coconut oil and himalayan salt- great base and interesting, treaty taste.

  13. ooh la la spritz macadamia, you never said anything. Promise not to eat your hair at the office.

  14. Sound approach Andrea- just eat a variety of healthy foods. I do find whether it's skin or hair or energy if a problem exists throwing many foods in a certain category can help.

  15. Yes Laura, getting healthier these days is a great favor we can give to our body. I am using those products from Pro Natural's, u can look at it on line. Try it and enjoy the results making your hair healthier and silky smooth looking!